April 29, 2003
Mayberry, a NINE and a half year old puppy mill rescue was VERY pregnant when she was rescued from a
commercial kennel action.

On Tuesday morning, April 29, when our vet techs got to work, Mayberry was in labor, but did not seem to be progressing.

Our own vet was on vacation so we had to take Mayberry to another vet in Tulsa.
She was REALLY pregnant.

Bless her heart.She was dragging bottom.

As I was rushing her to the vet's office, with Kathy our vet
tech in the back seat with Mayberry, she gave birth.

Kathy removed the baby fron the sac and I asked Kathy if the puppy was alive and she told me she didn't know yet.

I ran into the vet's office hollering that we needed a doctor RIGHT now and no I am not kidding.

This is the first baby. She is VERY tiny and I named her Kathy after our Kathy, who helped to bring her into the world.

They cut the cord and tied it.

She was very tiny.

She wasn't breathing very well. They had to help her.
At this point I began to pray out loud for her in the name of the Father...in front of God and everybody. Thirty seconds after my prayer, she began to breath on her own and "pink up." God was with us and we ALL knew it.

"Here is your baby. This is the LAST time you will ever have to do this again."

I held baby Kathy on my lap against a hot water bottle for an hour to get her warmed up. They had her in the incubator but she wasn't warming up and her back legs were purple.

After about an hour and a half, another baby came.

The second one is larger and stronger than baby Kathy.

After several more hours Mayberry delivered another baby then she stopped.

The doctors decided she needs a C-section to deliver the rest. They fear one of the babies inside of her is not moving and may be dead.:(

Surgery is happening right now and I am on the way back up there now.

They just called and there are 4 more babies.

Seven in all. One is not breathing and is very critical.

He is blue. I am on the phone now with them. Oh God...this is not looking good.

We just lost one. He has died.

Mayberry is ok with six new babies. God has the other one now safe in His arms.