May 9, 2003

We were recently told about poor Peaches in Georgia,
who was about to be euthanized in a shelter.
Her crime? Getting old.

This is what we received...

PEACHES!!!!!! There is a VERY SWEET, 12 year old, HW NEGATIVE,
BICHONE MIX (possibly poodle), weights about 12lbs., in the COBB
COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL. Her name is PEACHES, she was taken from a
neglect situation. I dont think I have ever seen something so sad
EVER. I actually cried when I saw her. She responds to her name,
and as bad as she has been neglected, her little tail still wags.
She has some sort of skin infection, they have already determined that
it is not contagious, probably pyometria. She also has a TUMOR on her
stomach, I would say the size of a lime. SHE HAS UNTIL TOMORROW
dont let Peaches be punished for her owners STUPIDITY, and lack of
care for her. Email me privately if you can take her!!!!!!!!!!!

Rescued Angels Animal Rescue,
"Give a Rescued Animal A Chance at Happiness"

This is Peaches' skin.

This is Peaches' tumor.

This is what our volunteer, Dana Perez wrote about Peaches' rescue.

Subj: Peaches
Date: 5/8/2003 6:07:27 PM Central Daylight Time

Attaches are some photos that I took during Peaches' Exam yesterday. They are extremely disturbing and I am happy to report that already she looks better than the photos depict.

As you requested; I'm going to summarize our adventure with Peaches for you.

I met the volunteer with Rescued Angels Animal Rescue at Cobb County Animal Control on Wednesday morning to meet Peaches and bring her home. The volunteer warned me of her condition before we saw her. Peaches was 1 of 3 dogs taken out of a man's mobile home because a neighbor had complained about the conditions. Peaches is the only one to make it out alive...apparently the other 2 were in such horrible shape they could not be saved. Incredible to see Peaches and think that she was in the best shape!

She has a severe skin infection that is being treated with antibiotics. The only way to describe her skin is that it looks like a cross between elephant and lizard. Her skin is thick and scaly and is incredibly itchy!!! We took her to my Vet (Dr. Lawless) and he determined that she has cancer that has most likely spread to her lymph nodes. (see attached pictures). He strongly feels that surgery at her age (12) and overall health would not be in her best interest. She suffers from dry eye, poor thing had gunk that completely covered both of her eyes when we got her yesterday. Dr. Lawless has prescribed Mineral Oil at least 2 times per day to each eye to help lubricate them. You should see the difference already :)

My Mom (Rose) has taken on the role of Hospice Nurse and Peaches (my Mom is calling her Yoda) is enjoying the attention and love. Rose went to Old Navy today and bought a baby pajama set to completely cover her up so that she can't do more damage to her skin. Peaches is completely potty trained and has a good appetite. Sweetest little girl...she responds to her name. Comes when she is called. Wags her tail when you talk to her! I'm just amazed at the spirit living in this little dog!

My father, and their rescue dog (Annie) return from Florida on Saturday. If everything works out, my Mom would love to continue in her role and give Peaches a loving and comfortable place to lay her head. WILL work, but there is a remote possibility that we will need to find another place for Peaches. I promise to keep you informed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dana Perez

It is thanks to people like you that Peaches will know love. We will give her a home until God volunteers.

Update June 14, 2003.
Our Georgia Peach went home to be with God on Saturday Morning, June 14, 2003.
She had a wonderful last month of life thanks to those of you who support this rescue effort. God Speed little Peaches!