April 9, 2003
From Robin: I'm here tonight in Manhattan, Kansas with Baby Higgins.

As you can see from the picture he is so loving he just buries his little face against your neck. He just molds himself against you when he hugs.

14 week old Higgins was for sale at a commercial kennel auction with the words "Has a stiff back leg from being broken as a pup. The vet says it won't affect his breeding."

Thanks to GOD and all of you, we were able to reclaim baby Higgins and he came to Small Paws Rescue instead of going into another commercial kennel for a lifetime of breeding.

Radiographs show his leg is not broken. Our vet suspects that Higgins is almost blind and almost deaf. He suspects that a lack of motor skills may be causing the leg to appear stiff at times.
It appears that this baby may have a neurological disorder.

We have an appointment in the morning with the neurologists at K-State.
He will be a wonderful baby for someone. We just need to know what we are dealing with here and if we can help him at all.

Here Higgins is carrying his toy tonight in the hotel room. He seems so normal at times, until he sort of falls over to one side, bless his little Bichon heart.:(

You guys, I am in trouble with this one. I already looked into his eyes.

More updates tomorrow..Love Robin and Higgins

Update April 10, 2003
Good morning! (((yawn))))
Just a note to let you know that this puppy has the energy of TEN puppies and he is another E.B. (Energizer Bunny) He just keeps going and going and going...
Our appt with K-State is in a little while. As soon as I can I will let you know what they say.

Update Friday Morning 1:00 A.M. April 10, 2003

Higgins went to the vet school at K-State today. Two fourth year vet students take Higgy's vitals.

"Higgins, can you see me?"

The Doctor checks Higgins' eyes with a light.

Higgins checks out HIS blanket, made personally for him by one of our own blanketeers!
Small Paws® Rescue: The Blanketeers

Ok, the bad news is that he has congenital neurological damage to the left side of his cerebellum in his brain.

The good news is that he is not deaf or blind.

The bad news is he can't process what he does see, or what he does hear. For example he can hear a sound but can't follow it or tell from where it is coming.

The good news is that Higgins is happier than any Bichon I have ever met. He has no idea that anything is wrong and he will be a LOVE of a baby for someone.

His prognosis is that we just have to wait and see how he does. He is a JOY deluxe!

Wanna seeee "Higgins the Movie???"

I head for home in the morning. Higgins will stay here in Topeka to be fostered until an adoptive home is found for him.

People...you won't go wrong with this baby. He just makes EVERYONE smile! Trust me on this one!

UPDATE! November 2, 2003

See Higgins, now named Mumford, in water therapy!

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