June 14 2003
Columbus, Ohio
Our Ohio Rescue Team, under the direction of Jen Battaglia at BichonHappy@aol.com, went to the BarkPark fundraiser in Ohio, on a wet and rainy day and raised $2730.00 for Small Paws®!

A wonderful woman named Marcia Perry opens her home to be a dog park the first 3 Saturdays of the month every summer, to benefit rescues. We had to apply to be given a day & all profits made had to go to rescue.
We got front door admission, dog wash money, concession money and whatever we made at our table.
There's a waiting list in Columbus for people to join this park & it was a real honor she chose us! Thank you Marcia!

Come see the pictures!

Our booth and media kit!

One muddy baby.

A bunch of grown muddy babies.

Another muddy baby. He is white underneath. Trust me.

Seee?! There is white juice in that hose!!

Sandy Danklefsen (who took most of these pictures!!)

A group of our Ohio team members!

Paul Danklefsen with O"hare (Small Paws Dad extraordinaire)

More of our Ohio Team!

Mary Lee Hess and our newest volunteer, Carole Schlemmer!

This is O'Hare! He had none (hair that is) before he went to be fostered by Sandy and Paul. He has been cured of mange!

What a teddy bear!

Look at those smiles!

Mary Lee and Carole again!
Aren't they cuties?!

Mary Lee Hess' famous Bichons, Widget and Miss Lily, guard the ice chest.They are vicious. One wrong move and they will lick you to death.

And a great time was had by all! Thanks to our Ohio Rescue Team for making this day happen!!