June 13, 2003


This little one came into rescue in Florida with a severe heart murmur. Last Sunday night, I flew from Tulsa to Orlando, Florida to pick Chipper up so that he could go on to Texas A&M for surgery.

After I arrived at the airport, they took me back to the home of our Florida Team Leader, Brant and Edie Cramer in Leesburg Florida, where a small party was waiting! From left to right...Standing is Brant Cramer, then SPR volunteer Pat Smith, sitting is SPR adoptive Mom, Debbie Windham, in the pink is SPR volunteer, Maria Milborn, and sitting at the head of the table is SPR Dad, Wayne Windham.

Maria, Brant, and Edie enjoy the Bichons! Maria is holding Brant's Havanese baby, Poco!

Brant, Pat and me.

Edie, Pat and me.

Remember BABY POWDER, another little heart murmur repair boy? Powder was adopted by Debbie and Wayne Windham and he has very different eyes. They are clear and you can see right through them. He is just almost an Albino.

They had him there as a surprise for me. I think they didn't think I would recognize him but the SECOND I saw him I said, "That's POWDER!" I would never forget those eyes!

Powder has a wonderful home and is very bonded to his Mom and Dad!

Maria and Brant try to see if a VERY tall Chipper will FIT in that sherpa bag...he HAS to fit in there to be able to go inside the plane to Texas A&M....

Maria explains to Chipper why he HAS to fit in that bag.

And he's in!

Thank you Brant and Edie for putting me up for the night! Thank you Pat and Chriss Smith for driving me back to the airport to find my luggage! Thank you Maria, Debbie and Wayne for driving all the way down from Jacksonville! I had a wonderful time with you all!

The Florida State Song, "Swanee River", is playing!