The Music Medley Kids!
The following were all rescued from a commercial kennel.
(These names are only for paperwork. You may change them later, of course!

Blue Grass Barb

Blues Bonita

Dixie Land Lynn
She is heart worm positive and is being treated.

Gospel Grace

Hip Hop Hanna


Latin Louisa


Reggae is the smallest puppy. He has a home and new Mama to go to when he is old enough.

Poor Rock lost every tooth in his head.:(
See the pictures of his teeth and Xrays.

Salsa Sue. The second puppy. She is placed and will go home to her new Mama when she is old enough.

Swingtime Sue

Several of these girls had mammary tumors that were removed and sent to pathology.

We removed their breast tumors.

More breast tumor removals.