September 6, 2003
The Dayton Ohio Bichon Bash
under the direction of Sherri Hobstetter!
They raised $2325.00 for Small Paws®!

163 Small Pawsers and their 110 fluffs pose for a picture.
We all got to take home a 5x7 print!

The Blessing of the Animals

We had The Blessing of the Animals and we all read this beautiful prayer.

This is "Cooper". I told people last year that he is a rare Golden Bichon from Madagascar. (In reality, he is an apricot Beeshey-poo.) Thank GOD we take mixes into rescue! Sandy and Paul Danklesfen rescued him and then...failed fostering 101 and adopted Cooper!

The IAMS Company gave us a $1000.00 grant! It was one of those BIG cardboard checks like you get if you win in Las Vgas! :)

Sherri Hobstetter is in the pink!

This was the party the night before given for some Small Pawsers who were staying overnight.

Sandy Danklesfen dresses "Misty" for the costume contest while Mary Lee Hess and Mr. Widget look on.

Dressing Misty.

Of course Misty WON the costume contest! We were all rolling on the floor with laughter!

Teresa Hall and son Dallas hold their two babies who won one of the contests!

The Fashion Show.

The Winner won a DIAMOND TIARA!

Another cutie!

Sherri holds her new puppy Razzle in his Harley outfit!

Yours Truly singing to our Small Pawsers.
(All members of the Bash commitee, and I, wore a "crown" made of small dog treats
...just didn't want you to think I took that precious baby's diamond tiara! HAHA!

This was the program....

A wonderful day was had by all! Thank you so much to the Dayton Ohio Bash Committee!

Midi music playing is "Hang on Sloopy Hang On" one of the fight songs of the Ohio Buckeyes!