August 29, 2003

Nikki came into rescue from a commercial kennel in Mo. with a severe PDA Heart murmur. His whole chest just vibrates like a washing machine.

We will fly to Austin, Texas, and then we will drive to College Station, Texas to Texas A&M University this coming Monday, Sept 1, 2003.

As of yet we have NOT raised the funds we need to pay for his life saving surgery.
Can you help us to help Nikki?

Update: Sat Evening 6:00 P.M.

I picked baby Nikki up this morning from our Mo. volunteer and got him straight to the vet's office. Folks, this one is bad. Dr. Russell graded the heart murmur at a grade six out of six.:(
I think this may be the worst one we have seen.

He has coughed twice. (Nikki, not Doc) Please pray he is not in congestive heart failure and that we can make it there in time. So far, we have raised only $1530.00 of the needed $2000.00 it cost each time we do this life saving surgery.

Nikki found his way into our Bichons' toy box. (It's not their bed. They let US share their bed with them.)
He doesn't have much energy and collapses easily now.:(
(The cord is my online cable cord)

UPDATE Tuesday, September 2, 2003

4th Year Vet Student, (whose own Mom HAS a Bichon named Pheobe! I told him that meant that he is FAMILY!) Shawn Seibel, examines Nikki, listening to the murmur.

Dr. Sonja Gordon examines Nikki, confirming a grade SIX PDA heart murmur.

I just spoke with them on the phone after the echocardiogram. We had no time to waste! Nikki is what they call "Wet"...he is in the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. They are giving him lasix tonight and they are going to "coil" him with the less invasive coil techinique at 9 in the morning.

More news as it happens. Please pray!

UPDATE! September 3, 2003

Nikki made it through surgery! It took TWO coils to fix his heart murmur because it was so big! Pics to follow this evening! Nikki, our 20th heart murmur baby will be fostered in College Station, Texas! I am coming home!

Dr. Gordon does the echocardiogram to view the heart.

Dr. Gordon reads the echocardiogram.

Getting ready for surgery.

Shaved and ready to go!:)

Thanks to ALL of you who made this life saving surgery possible!

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