How Denver Dan found his home in Tennessee!!
Written by his new Mom, Ellen, at

Denver Dan arrives at the Knoxville Tn. airport from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

A few years ago I went through a divorce after 34 years of marriage and found myself alone with just my 2 little doggies......they were much of my comfort in that alone time. I had them since they were puppies. Part of the process is losing these loved ones eventually....they are your family!! My situation changed and
I didn't have the correct place for a while to get another little friend....then a wonderful person came into my life and we were married....we bought a small home & remodeled it, and then
my hubby knew it was time when I bought home a doggie door ...LOL .....and we dont have a dog.......and I started looking for a dog!! I was so naive about pet shops!!
(The Real Truth About Pet Shop Puppies)

I actually thought that they walked the dogs every night and that they would come in on days off and walk and play with the dogs.....boy have I become educated!! A friend where I work had adopted a lab through a rescue site and she said ...."why dont you look into it?" you do everything else online...(now that's another whole story!!)
and one day on my lunch hour I surfed the net and later that night at home....I FOUND MY "now" FAVORITE SITE....even now everytime I go to the site I find something I haven't read before.
I would cry....I would laugh....I would get now I will let Denver continue his story!!

Written by Denver
"Well my mommy says Im smart, must be to write my own story!! On Sept. 30, I arrived in Knoxville, Tn. I had started out that morning...put on a stop in another city and then on to K-town!! I was kind of scared, but just a little!! When
I landed second only a few minutes a very nice lady picked up my carrier and took me to an area where people buy tickets....
and since my plane was 30 mins late.....only one lady was sitting in the lobby area.....and she had BIG GRIN on her face when they sat me down!!

When she came over and leaned down and said "hello, little boy", I kind of relaxed and when she put her fingers into the little wire front.....I gave her PUPPY KISSES.....that's what she calls them all time....(when I get close to my daddy and mommy's faces I sneak in two puppy kisses before they can enough puppy kisses.....~dripping faces~) I think she almost had happy tears in her eyes. She took me out to her car talking to me all the way....(she talks a lot to I love it)! she took me out of carrier in the car and hooked a leash to my collar...and then let me out to "potty" as she is ALWAYS SAYING,,,,Denver, go potty.....
hmmm will that woman ever let up on that potty business.....~~~

She put me back into my carrier because we would be on the road for about 45 mins....When the car finally stopped,,she said well, MR. Denver Dan, we are home!! and when she got me out.....she carried me to a little fenced in the kitchen door and opened carrier and I peaked looked different, but OKAY!!

I eased out of the carrier and she just sat down on the little back porch stoop and kept talking to you know in about a couple of mins...if that long,,,,,she said....YOU LITTLE HAPPY TAIL.....maybe because I was already wagging.....I knew this was a happy thing, if I could just figure it out!! Well she introduced me to a doggie door right then, she let me go through it with the door open like a little less than an hour I figured IT WAS A she tells me all time to go out that door and potty.....sometimes thats NOT MY GAME on with my story.....a very strange thing happened then,....I walk into the living room and the couch growled a low growl....and thats how I met Nellie...she is an older poodle.....that my mommy was keeping for someone who temporily couldn't keep her.....(I might add its a permanent thing now!! and I LIKE IT!!) Nellie wouldn't play with me and I wanted to!! Even though Im a puppy, Im rough,....and Nellie was even smaller than me....! SHE JUST DIDNT LIKE ME!!

No matter what I did, she had no part of me...and my mommy said if she hadnt lost many of her teeth, she would be nipping me...but that growl was pretty bad!! Well this went on for about three weeks, she would just tolerate me......Now here is where the story gets funny!! Nellie went to be groomed...she was getting pretty fuzzy...and came back that evening....I had missed her all day....

SHE WAS SO PRISSY....but guess what....maybe she just thought she was pretty, but from that night on, she is totally different dog...she still growls at me from time to time...but she plays with toys with me...and she even gets my chewy when I have softened it up for mommy and daddy cant get over it......they said the old mommy for nellie said she hadnt really play with toys in a few years and that she didnt even like mommy winks at my daddy and that's what a younger man does for you, huh?? and he just grumbles....!

Well I have been here just over a month or so,,,and I know Im
at HOME SWEET mommy calls me her dirty little boy.....I go to get groomed and I look a mess the next day.....I love to roll in leaves...get so dirty!! she says well now....dont know if you will ever look like one of the Doggie Cover Magazine doggies...but we love ya anyways.....and ohhhh btw...let me talk about my daddy a bit.....he doesnt talk as much as mommy(how could he,,,she doesnt give him much time...get a word in ya know?)he talks more man to man.....she baby talks more.....but he can give a great back/tummy rub...and I love to lay beside him when he is Couching!! Now there is one thing that worries them a bit.......I think Im the flying dog....and will leap from.....well not tall buildings but anything I can get on...and they are always afraid Im going to break something....(no not house stuff) ME ME ME.....I see no boundries......and I think they think when I go wild and start running like a MAD DOG....forty dog miles an hour...that must be the Blitz thing that they see people write about on the site)

I love to put anything I can find into my mouth and sometimes eat......I have made myself sick twice...(the house is doggy proofed....only thing I can get is sneak a sock out of clothes basket when she folds clothes and out the doggie door I go.....)
so if I cant find anything in house I find twigs in back yard..or yes dried leaves that float off the trees.....and ohhh my first night out
after a couple weeks here in the rain.....was so funny....there was my mommy standing with me...saying HURRY dan, go potty.....cause I would not go out into that rain to she had to go with me....we both got drippy before I gave in...
oh well got a treat anyways....I know where treat jar is....IM day Im bout 95% potty trained and next Im slipping.....but she just raises that scolding voice...(i dont and says Dan you are IN TROUBLE.....and I know....OOOOPPPSSS......
well next tuesday.....Im going to go back to the vets....been 3 times she paranoid or whattttt???? no she just wants me to be healthy and have all those thing she says is something about my manhood....what the heck is she talking about....she is always little man....Or is that you little bad boy......anyways....I LOVE IT HERE......this is where I belong....(and guess what sometime next year when I get all settled in completely and things calm down.....mommy went pet world etc.....and the checkbook builds back up....they tell me...another little bichon might be in the picture)is mommy expecting???will I be able to share my treats.....??? well
I will report back in.......when that happens.......till then.....byeeeee
(tails awagging)~~~~~~~~Denver Dan~~ (yes the name I came with and it fits so well)

The Tennessee Waltz

I was dancin' with my darlin' to the Tennessee Waltz
When an old friend I happened to see
I introduced her to my loved one
And while they were dancin'
My friend stole my sweetheart from me

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz
Now I know just how much I have lost
Yes, I lost my little darlin' the night they were playing
The beautiful Tennessee Waltz