December 10, 2003

Alex is 15 years old, going on 16! He flew to his new home vis the St. Louis Airport!

Subj: Alex
Date: 12/9/2003 10:50:09 PM Central Standard Time
Hi everybody:

I uploaded the pictures to my PictureTrail account where
you can go and see him. The direct link is:

As you can see when you get there, Alex has made
himself right at home. I especially like the one of
him on Pat's pillows. The girls have adjusted to Alex
being here. Sydney gets grumpy with him sometimes, but
she was that way before he came home.

Alex is doing wonderfully. I'm watching that I don't
feed him too much. His back legs are a little bit
weak, so I don't want him gaining too much weight. He
really loves "people food" and will get right in your
face for you to share with him.

We took him to Chicago with us for our son's birthday.
Alex travels great, loves the wind in his face. He
took everything in stride including the party for our
son with lots of people, kids, and our son's 2 dogs.
He is a great little companion and we are so blest to
have him with us.

We love him more every day. I worry about him,
sometimes he just cries out. I will have the vet check
him out thoroughly when we go back for their ProHeart
(this month). He has also been having a bit of a skin
problem. He pulled some of the hair out around his
hips, but it's growing back now. My sister-in-law (a
hairdresser who owns a Bichon) said to use tea tree
shampoo on him, so I bought some. I will also ask the
vet if there is anything else I need to do for his
skin. Any suggestions from any of you are welcome.

Well, that's about it for now. I imagine I'll have
more to tell later.

Pat, Ruth, Alex, Sydney and Cheyenne Cook