December 10, 2003
One of our adopted rescued Bichons is now a real live star in COMMERCIALS!

(Nikki is the one in the basket!)

Subj: Update on a Small Paws Rescue Niko
Date: 12/10/2003 8:36:50 AM Central Standard Time


About 2 years ago SPR sent out an SOS for an emergency pickup in Illinois. I answered the call and picked up Niko. He was a mess, had not been groomed in a year and stunk to high heaven. As it was the holiday season, SPR was not able to find a foster immediately. Well needless to say, my husband Kurt and I flunked junior foster 101. We couldn’t even hand him off to the foster parents. So we took him to the vet, cleaned him up, loved him and snuggled him. Two years later, he’s a star. Kurt is a commercial photographer and our 3 Bichons (Niki who we’ve had since she was 10 weeks, Monty a rescue from Bichon Rescue and Niko from Small Paws) all go to work each day. Here’s how Niko (and Niki in profile) are making a living. This is a national add for the Great Indoors – it hasn’t been retouched yet but I thought you would like to see how well Niko is doing. He’s the one in the basket. He loves being the center of attention!