These are the first pics of the 16 Bichons Small Paws recovered today from the commercial kennels of Missouri!
Thanks to each of you for your donations and your prayers!
As soon as I get back home from Sacramento, I will let you know ages and sexes of everyone we rescued!
We prayer we had enough for 11...and we came home with 16! Oh Happy Day!

"Hey, I think we won today!"

Their fur will grow out and then they will be beetootiful!

"We made it out! We made it out!"

This will make a great BEFORE and AFTER picture someday!

These are clean and white!

Staying close together...unsure of what lies ahead.

"These people are nuts over us...I think they LIKE us!"

"Please don't hurt us won't? Do ya promise?"

"Free at LAST!"

One day soon, she will be a family member instead of a farm animal.

Huddling close...

"Well, they sure seem nice so far...I'm gonna go SEE em!".

"I don't even know yet, that I won the lottery today."