June 5, 2004
Small Pawsers from from all corners of the country, drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pick up and deliver 20 of our rescued Bichons, to waiting foster homes along the way!

Volunteers Lorry and Rich Schlick at rschlick@rochester.rr.com drove all the way down to Tulsa, from Buffalo, New York...and back!! They started on the road back home at 0:Dark Thirty!

The mother-daughter volunteer team of Joyce and Cammie Meier at jameier@earthlink.net, head back to California! It may never rain in Southern California..but it sometimes pours in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Volunteers, Carole Schlemmer at Bichonsgalore@aol.com (in the white) and Kathy Demougin at demougin_k@westcler.org, (in green sweater) drove down all the way from Ohio!

Bonnie Ferguson, our Executive Assistant, explains the medication schedules.

Loaded up and ready to roll!

Inside our vet's office.

Michelle Quan is going to foster care. All puppy mill rescues from May were named after Champions!

Thank God we got this baby out of the mill. Look at that precious face.

Dorothy Hamil gets ready to ride!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this cross country rescue!