Mimi and Baby

Mimi, an eleven year old female, and Baby, her seven year old son, were turned into rescue by their owner. The owner had a health problem of some sort. They both miss her terribly, and are grieving.They must stay together, because they are all each other has. They are housetrained, in excellent health, and are being fostered with Jane (fuzzy1mom@aol.com) in California. These babies can be shipped via Delta Dash.
Small Paws® Rescue may consider waving the adoption fee, for these little babies, to the right home. Please write to me at pup3@aol.com for more info. Here are their pics..they are very very loving and sweet..they have been someone's babies..all of their lives...

This is Baby, the seven year old male, and the son of "Mimi"..he misses his Mom who raised him all of his little life.

11 year old Mimi, what a sweetheart. Bichons can sometimes live to be 20 years old.

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