Tipper, a Bichon Lady

I got an e-mail, that there was a one year old male Bichon, in a Mo. Humane Society. The owner had turned him in, claiming that he was "too hyper". A FLUFF in a SHELTER????!
I headed that way, on Wednesday evening. I wanted to get at least part way there,as a sleet storm was coming in.
This baby is not hyper. He is just a spirited Bichon pup. He settled down right away and slept almost the whole way back to Oklahoma. He is at the vets being neutered, and is being adopted by a lady in Kansas, with a 3 year old female Bichon, named Aspen, and an 18 year old Kitty Cat. She was
ecstatic when I called. She will drive here, to Tulsa, for him, on Saturday. Chase will never be given away again.