Princess' New Brother!!

Today, I drove, to Mo., to pick up this baby for Phil and Princess.:)
He will be six years old, on Oct 25. I called Phil, and explained to him, that the good news was..that this little guy is as snuggly as can be. He is NOT afraid of grass, and walks well, on a leash!:) The bad news is..HIS TEETH ARE ROTTEN..Most Puppy Mill dogs have BAD teeth..but these are REALLY bad. The ones in the back are well as the gums. Phil is going to have a dental done on this baby, at my vet's...while he is under , for his neuter. He has an underbite..The baby..NOT Phil..)..but I think it just gives him character.(notice that one snaggle toofie..that sticks straight out..:
)He laid his head, on Dr. McKinney's shoulder, tonight...AWWWWWWWWW..... ya gooooo...Pictures of this snuggly wuggly miracle guy!! (It's a miracle..when a Puppy Mill dog is so snuggly..right off the bat!)

These were taken after a neuter, dental, and a groom.