One of our rescue babies, went to heaven, today....

We never held her. We never met her. We never even saw a picture of her. But we loved her. Jane,(BichonBen), Susan,(IHarlyPup), and I...we all loved her.
She was a puppy
. She was 10 weeks old, and a heart murmor baby, born in the Puppy Mills, of Missouri. When we heard about her, just last week, we knew we had to get her out of there.Susan offered money. She was prepared to het that baby out of there.The "breeder", still wanted to breed her..ONE time, (Only ONE time, because she would die, shortly after the births.) She was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmor.
Susan, had made preparations, to have this little girl, cared for, by cardiologists, at Kansas State University. She was going to Mo. this weekend, to pick her up.

The one thing, that gives us some comfort, is knowing, that she was in loving hands, when she left this earth. You see, the rescuer there, had picked her up, on Tuesday, so she did not die in the mill. Also,this little girl, has paved the way for more heart murmor babies. Now, our rescuer there, knows, that if any Bichon baby, has a murmor, Small Paws® Rescue will take it..and try to help it. more thing..her name...her name was "Skylark". She never even knew her little name. The reason, she was named Skylark, by Susan, is that...well..Jane, (BichonBen) has the other two little heart murmor babies..and they are named, Moon, and Star...if Slylark had lived..we would have had, the Moon, Star, and Sky. There are tears in our hearts, tonight. Rest well little one. God is cradling you, and your PERFECT heart, in the palm of His mighty, mighty, hand.

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