Small Paws® Rescue: Cody, The Adopted Diabetic Bichon!

Back in May, 6 year old Cody was found as a stray, and taken to a shelter. He was adopted by a lady, in May 1999. He was already overweight at the time at 29 pounds, but over the next 5 months he gained six pounds -- overfed and under-exercised! This guy will eat anything you offer, and do tricks for it to boot!!! He was diagnosed with diabetes in mid-October. Within two days his owner decided she could not care for him and he was brought into rescue. Jackie
(, was his foster mom for five weeks. She took such good care of him, getting him the insulin and stabilization he needed, with the help of Nikki and Shredder's Mom and Dad, (Denise,, and Stephen,
He was adopted and moved to his new "forever" home on November 23,1999, with Lisa, and her new husband, and her Bichon, Mr.C. (Curly)! Cody was immediately welcomed by his new brother Curly and became a part of the family. Thank you Lisa, for loving this special needs baby!! Write to Lisa, at

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