Belle Has Her Last Litter of Babies

Read about Belle, Candy, and the other Christmas Auction Bichons

Belle, is an eight and a half year old Puppy Mill Rescue. We purchased her from a Puppy Mill (total kennel dispersal) auction, for $22.50. She was very pregnant, and not in good condition, when we got her. Her teeth are almost black. Her little feet are so very splayed, and I doubt she has ever seen a real veterinarian.
We also rescued her sister, whom we have named Candy. Candy is eight and a half years old, also. They had been together all of their lives.

One of our wonderful volunteers, Jackie, ( ) agreed to foster both Belle and Candy, and to raise Belle's babies, until they could be adopted. We flew both of the "girls", to California, and anxiously awaited the birth, of what would be the last litter of babies, that Belle would ever have to have.

After some time, Jackie could actually SEE the puppies punching around in Belle's tummy. Finally, after more time than we thought it should be, the vet said Belle needed a C-Section. Here are two of the babies, right after their birth, at the vet's office. Jackie, a former nurse, assisted with the C-Section. Eventually, there would be two males and two females.

Jackie called me from her car, on the way home from the vet's. She said, "WE HAVE BABIES!"..and I heard them, in the background, screaming at the top of their lungs. I was thrilled!! Thrilled that this litter of puppies would not have to be shipped in a truck, to a pet shop. Thrilled that Belle would never again have to go through this, and could enjoy her senior years in a loving home.Thrilled that all of these babies would be spayed or neutered.

Jackie took them all home from the vet's, after the C-Section. The vet felt like they were going to be fine. We were all very surpised the next day, to hear that one of the lttle males, had died during the first night. We think he smothered, and was found sort of buried in the towel, away from the others. We were all very sad.:(

Here is Belle, with the remaining three, of her babies.

Jackie began to wonder if the babies were getting enough of Belle's milk. We think Belle, was just sort of DONE with the business of birthin' babies, and wanted nothing to do with them. Jackie was having to hand feed them and keep them warm. Despite all of her efforts, an exhaused Jackie, called me to tell me, that we had now lost a second puppy, a little girl.

We rushed the remaining two babies, now named George and Gracie, and their mama, Belle, back to the vet, who was as perplexed as we were. The only thing we could figure is, that Belle had such poor nutrition, she was just not strong enough to deliver healthy babies. Over the next day, we lost the third puppy, the little male, little George.

Jackie was really tired by now, and worried so for the remaining pup, Gracie. We called out the troops, so to speak. Naomi, who had adopted Miracle, another Christmas Auction Bichon, brought over a Parrot Brooder, which is like an incubator, to keep little Gracie warm. In Naomi's faith, there is an old story, about the Angel Of Death, and how if someone is gravely ill, if you change their name, the Angel of Death won't be able to find them. It couldn't hurt. Gracies new name is now "Millie", because she is our Millineum Baby.

Little Millie is now 10 days old, and thriving. Many Bichon Mom's and Dad's, have come to help. Christine and Ron, Mom and Dad to The Sixpack, including puppy mill rescues, Sera and Chelsea, fursat for Belle and Millie, while Jackie would go to work. Jane, (, came and carried Candy, Belle's sister, home to foster. Now that Belle had a baby to care for, Candy seemed not so attached to her. Jane has renamed Candy, "Sadie", and she is doing wonderfully. This is Sadie, Belle's sister and Baby Millie's Auntie.:)

Now, we are concentrating on raising our baby Millie. Bichons are born all pink, and their little noses turn black later. Look at the first little spot of black on Baby Millie's nose!


Dear God, Please hold our three little babies, in the palm of Your mighty hand, 'til one of us gets there, to care for them. Amen.


Little Millie at 3 weeks old.

Millie's new name, given by her new adoptive parents, is Kayla! Here is a pic of Kayla, at 6 weeks old. Kayla will stay with Jackie, untill she is 10 weeks old. Then she will be picked up by her new Moma and Dad, who are a truck driving team. Kayla, is gonna SEE the country!

Belle has now been adopted, and will live in Georgia, with one other Bichon, and a Maltese. This is her going away picture, taken at her foster mom's, Jackie's house.

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