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Veronica's Story

January 5, 2000

I was notified last week, about a little female bichon, in a local shelter. She had been picked up as a stray, and had one eye sewn shut. They had to hold her for 5 days, to allow her owner time to find her, but no owner came.Today, I picked her up and got her immediatly to the vet. We got her out of the crate. She is definetly pure Bichon..BUT..guess what?!!! Her eye was NOT sewn shut..it was only MATTED shut!..I screamed.."GET a warm compress!!"..and Jennifer,the vet, nods for the tech to go do it..We soak her little eye..and the mat came off. There IS an EYE under there. WE HAVE AN EYE!!! I was dancin around..and the vet says,"Hold on here..she may still be blind"..I say," Oh ye of little faith!.You get out
here if you believe that!." ( I said it teasingly, but I really was NOT teasing..lol..)
Well, after doing the test with the little flashlight..she announced that..Veronica can SEE..in BOTH eyes!! It was an ulcer caused by trauma to the head..(We think someone or something hit this poor baby.)The vet said, the mat actually acted like a bandage, and kept the cornea from being scratched.
Now, when I first saw this baby at the shelter..she was lying in a pool of her own urine..and very depressed. After we got her eye uncovered..and bathed her..she was up waggin' her tail and wanting to BLITZ I tell you!! She has NO emotional problems at ALL!! She is as much a happy baby as my Chipper!! And...she is only one year old!! She still has puppy teeth!!!!! She will be spayed tomorro. After we uncovered that eye..she just BLOSSOMED!!! Hey!! I think I will rename her "Blossom"!..She will not have to wear her hair over one eye after all!

January 5, 2000
Today we got some bad news about Veronica/Blossom. She has a small bit of neurological damage to the right side of her face, from whatever happened to her..(probably hit by a car) and is slightly paralyzed on that side. Also..she will have to have eye drops twice daily for the rest of her life, to prevent dry eye.
If only we could have gotten to her earlier, she may have been spared this. She really is adorable and has a WONDERFUL personality. She is not emotionally damaged at all. She needs a wonderful home, with someone who can get her to an eye doctor, and let them look at that eye. Here are some more pictures..right after she came in and we removed the mat
over her little eye.

And after a bath, she felt SO much better!!

If you are interested in Veronica, please e-mail pup3@aol.com

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