July 28, 2005

I drove over last night to the great state of Misery (Missouri) and picked up three more of our Bichons who had been living in a commercial kennel.

The temps have been so hot before now. Last weekend, it was a reported 110 in Springfield, Mo. These three Bichons were kept outside and survived that terrible heat.:(

Last night, a cold front came through and it rained. We did the transfer today in 74 degrees, which was a wonderful respite from the heat, both for me and for the dogs!

These three were covered in fleas, and you are about to see the shape they are in.

Here are the three of them...just arriving at our Tulsa vet's office.

This is our newest baby girl, who was born in March. She has an internal parasite problem ( we think...tests will be done to confirm) giving her diarrhea.:( She is very sweet.

We are going to try to save this little girl's eyes. Dr. Russell says she has deep corneal ulcers in both eyes and needs to see a specialist immediately.

A male... there was no paperwork and Doc will have to guestimate ages.

This is the standard USDA collar which we have to cut off with wire cutters. Can you see the fleas? Of course we Capstared and Frontlined them all, and sprayed and rinsed out the crates.

These are the teeth of the little male. Yuk. Poor baby.

Thanks to all of you for supporting this rescue effort.