October 23, 1999: The Auction Rescue Babies

Our Auction Babies have 12 MOM'S, and one DAD, so far! If you would like to be a part of this exciting rescue, please contact me, at, and you TOO, can become a MOM or DAD! We will spay/ neuter all of the babies, and of course they will have their shots. They will recieve the veterinary care they need and deserve. Some of us are able to provide foster homes, so we will divide them up, and fly them to the different foster homes among us. Here are the MOMS, so far!
1. Denise: Nikki and Shredder's mom. (
2. Susan*: Harley's mom, (
3. Cindy*: Louey, Kelsey, and many other's mom. (
4. Jane: Moon, Star, Ben, and the Noofie's mom. (
5. Lisa*: Lucky's Mom.
6. Marsha: Hank and Duncan's mom.
7. Mary: Cassie, Pattycake, and Trevor's mom, (
8. Joyce: Bonsai, and Chippy's mom .(
9. Pam: Blanca's mom .(
10. Robin*: ,Chipper's mom, (
11. Bonnie Clough, Cloey's mom. (Doesn't have a computer, she is one of my foster mom's, here in Tulsa.)
12. Clare: Cherie and Gigi's mom (
13. Stephen: Nikki and Shredder's,dad!
* denotes "Small Paws® Rescue Volunteer"

The mom's and dad, listed above, from the AOL Bichon Brigade, got together, with last minute notice, to try to save, some of the 21 Bichons, being auctioned, at a Puppy Mill Auction, in the Puppy Mill capital of of the world, Misourri. We got to save five Bichons, (and a week old baby), from being purchased by other breeders. They had SHAVED them all BALD! AACK!!..LOL!
Harley's Mom, Susan, and I, drove all over Missouri, today, collecting our newest charges.:)
Meet our Auction babies...

All of our rescues, except the Mom and her baby, in a play pen at Gail's house. The Mom and baby, were inside the house.:)

Our one and 1/2 year old little Mother..Born 4/11/98. We paid $230.00 for she, and the tiny baby. She had a C-Section, to deliver this baby. We don't know if there were other babies, that didn't survive. The auctioneer, didn't mention that, she'd had a C-Section. I am certain THAT is why she ended up there, as a throw-away.:(

Our little moma..(The same age as my Chipper..:) and baby ??? (we need a NAME!) .She does not have her eyes open yet. The mother..had one of those C-Sections...where we don't know if a real vet did it. :(

We need a name for outlittle tiny baby GIRL....She does not have her little eyes open as of Monday, October 24, 1999..

This little girl, will be four years old, in January. She was born 1/1/96. She is very frightened, and when the vet slipped a leash over her head to try to walk her, she went bonkers. She started screaming and backing up..making the slip-lead even tighter. I started to pick her up, and Micha..(Dr. Hartwig, the vet) said, "DON'T pick her up!! She is ready to BITE!"
I haven't been bitten yet, by any of the almost 1500, that I have rescued in my lifetime.(Not saying it coudln't happen..just that is hasn't yet) I reached down, and put my hand over the back of her head..and brought her up to my chest, where she pushed her head against me. I promised her, that she would NEVER be hurt again, and that she had several Mom's and a Dad, who loved her, already.:)

This is our oldest Bichon, our little boy. He is four years old TODAY, October, 24, 1999. He was born 10/25/95.

Our Hero, Gail, holding a baby boy, Born 07/04/99. He is just about 4 months old. Gail said she didn't mind if you guys see what she looks like.:)

The same baby boy..born 07/04/99. He is very small, I would say about 6 pounds.

Our Baby Girl is opening her eyes! This means, on the day they are fully open, she will be 14 days old. So..she is now 13 days old.

UPDATE: October 30, 1999

Our little mother, and baby, have been adopted by a loving couple in California! They have 2 Bichons, already! They are paying all of the medical bills, and boarding costs, for SERA, (Mama) and CHELSEA,(baby)! Both will stay here, till Chelsea is old enough to fly! (8 weeks old)
Aren't they two lucky little girls?!

Here they are, together..

Baby Chelsea will be three weeks old, in 3 days!

Chelsea is fat and sassy! She has no one, with whom to compete, for dinner!.:)

Meet Sammy. Sammy, is our 4 year old little girl, who is very afraid. Cashmere's Mom,has adopted her, and we know that Diane, will work the same magic, on Sammy, as she did on Cashmere!

Our one unadopted auction baby. He just turned four years old. he is a little timid, but did wag his tail, for me today.

Our unadopted boy's profile...