Meet TURBO!!!!

Turbo, an 8 year old, Bichon Frise male,was an owner turn in, to a Kansas KILL shelter. Our buddy, Officer Bill, called us, and told us about Turbo!
I think the reason, that this sweet baby was turned into the shelter, was that, he has sores on his back. Puss pockets that have broken open. They are very itchy and uncomfortable for him.My vet examined him, after Harley's Mom, picked him up and drove him, all the way to Tulsa. Come to find out, he has a bacterial infection, NOT contageous to people or dogs.
He will be on antibiotics for 3 short weeks, and then he will be just fine. He needs a "forever" home, with people who will love him for the rest if his life... Might it be yours?.:)

Turbo was adopted and flown to California, yesterday! He has a new Bichon brother, 2 year old "Alex", and a hu-sis and a hu-mom! He and Alex are already blitzing! They are all very happy! YaHOOO!!

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