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Small Paws® Rescue: At The Auction

Well, Susan and I were SOME pair, at the Puppy Mill auction, in Hartville, Mo., on Sunday, November 28, 1999. There were 23 breeds for sale, and of course, the Bichons, were next to last. Let me tell you about our experience, and show you the pictures.
When we drove up, it was a rural property, with a big old cruddy barn. There were probably 75 cars and farm trucks. We left my car about a mile away, and drove up in Susan's Blazer.
Neither of us wore make-up or jewelry. We tried our best to blend in. The first thing to hit us was the smell of PIGS... (The four legged kind) ..and we weren't even INSIDE yet. All I could think of, was that our BABIES were in there, and we weren't comin' out, without em. There was a big handscribbled sign, on the door. "No Cameras, Videos, or recording equitment.Violaters will be arrested"
Susan and I BOTH almost threw up, several times. Next, we walked inside, and the barn was full of people who were seated. There were children playing everywhere, and they would later partipate in "working the auction." A whole new generation, being brought up to think there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.
The auctioneer was barking out the rules.
While Susan signed in, I went in search of our babies. There were supposed to be 15 Bichons. I went behind the auctioneer, to the "preview" area. I found a table with three cages. That's all I could see, that had our Bichons in them. The first little baby, stood up on it's hind legs, and I thought it was my Chipper's identical twin. Tall, long legs, darling face. I leaned down, and whispered, "If I have to mortgage everything I own, I am not leaving here with out you. Do you understand me?"I looked around to make sure no one had heard me. She wagged her tail, as if to say she understood.
I found Susan, and we got a two seats, together on the first row. I whispered to her about my promise, to the tall little girl, in the back. Susan nodded. The auction begins.
The first thing they did was to tell us that the lady with MOST of the advertised dogs( and the rest of the bichons), was just suspended by AKC. The entire room of Puppy Millers moans in unison. So Susan and I moan too. In our minds, we both knew what we were thinking. "Too bad, they ALL weren't suspended..."
The first dogs were
Cocker Spaniels. I prayed for each one as they went on the block. "This one is HEAVY BRED, (very pregnant). Buy her, sell your older stock to da broker, and breed 'dese puppies.Make yur money right back.!"
Susan and I swallow hard, while trying not to grit our teeth. A Double Chryptorchid (retained testicles) 12 week old Cocker puppy was next. No one bid. The Auctioneer barked "Botbotbotbotbotbotttom dolllar. Do-I-hear FIFTEEN? Fifteen botbotbotbottom dollar?"
I held up my card, that said number 50."YUP!" The man, with the overhauls, and long black beard, who was"spotting" the bidders, screamed. He had seen my card, and also scared that poor pup to death with his loud "YUP!"...the bidding was off. A couple bid $20, I bid $25.They bid $30. I bid $35. They bid $45. I stopped.
Thank GOD the people who bought that baby, were just regular PEOPLE..local people looking for a pet. They already had one cocker. They came and sat next to me, with their new baby, which was now resting inside the man's coat. (Not the actions of a miller, believe me.) I leaned over and say, coldly, "Ya gotcha a nice dog"..(Trying to sound like one of THEM.) Thats when they tell me the baby was going to be a pet. So, right there at the puppy mill auction, in the armpit of Puppy Mill country, I start in, "Ya KNOW....if ya don't get that baby neutered, with him having retained testicles, there is a 90% chance of testicular cancer, by the time he is six
The lady looked at me as her eyes got BIG..and she says,"Really??" I assure her that this is correct, as she tells her husband, with tears on her eyes, that the new baby will be neutered on Monday morning. The score is now, Puppy Millers ZERO, Small Paws® Rescue 1.
We sat throught the whole thing, only bidding and buying a Boston Terrior two year old male, for 45 dollars, for Boston Rescue. Susan and I are experienced Auction buyers now. We have bid on one, and bought one. BRING US OUR BABIES SO WE CAN GET THEM OUT OF HERE.
Finally they come. The first one..the tall female, is held up and shown around, like a toy at show and tell, in grade school.
The bidding starts at 45 dollars. I show my card. "YUP!!!" The screaming bearded guy is at it again.
My poor baby is scared to death, and we act as if we could care less. Susan is starting to get a worried look and I slap her leg.We win the bidding. We won all the bidding. No, I do not share. Give me my babies and get the H*LL outta my way. We stood in line for an hour, waiting to pay. 30 minutes later we were loaded and ready to leave. One of our females, 6 years old and "heavy bred" may be a biter. The miller wouldn't even get her out of her box, even to show, while the bidding was going on. No matter. She is Bichon, and she is pregnant. She needs us, and she has got us.
One of my fellow rescuers, who is socializing one of our other Bichon rescues, also a possible fear biter, agreed to foster this baby girl, till she delivers. She said she will be kept in the house, and I know she will be.
Susan drove this female, to the lady's house about 40 minutes away. There Susan picked up, another little male, 4 years old, that this lady had gotten for us yesterday, from another mill.
So...we got 6 dogs yesterday. Here are their names, ages, and locations. Thank you all for believing in us, and supporting us, with your prayers, friendship, and your finacial help. We love you guys, very much.



(This little girl was adopted by a Tulsa family.Their 9 year old Westie, dropped dead of a heart attack, at 9 years old, just last week. They are in mourning. I spoke with her vet, and he says that is what happened to "Lacy", and that this family would be a great home for a baby. They picked up the little girl last night, and it was love at first sight! They have named her "Sally"..after.."Long Tall Sally"!)

The little female. The one who looks like Chipper. Born 6/13/98. AT first we thought his one might be pregnant, but the vet says she is not. She is being groomed today, and spayed tomorro. She will be adopted, by the lady, I met in Petsmart, who offered to be a foster home. She already has one Bichon, and her vet says she is perfect. her older bichon, had to be put to sleep last week, from old age. She is also a lawyer, and has offered to help with our 503C not for profit papers!


Our three year old male. Born 5/08/96. He is VERY attached to the tall girl. He will be nutered in the morning. All of the dogs are being heartworm tested and tested for Brucillosis. He has a wonderful personality...especially when he sees the tall girl.:)
This boy is now named Quasi, and lives with another Bichon, named Oso, in Nebraska!

Being fostered in Boston, until Pups are weaned.
Update: This baby has been named "Noelle." Noelle aborted her puppies and reabsorbed them, probably due to poor nutrition. She has been adopted by a loving couple in Kansas.:)

This is one of our pregnant females. Born 5/01/95. "Ran loose with a male" on around Octber 15. Puppies due sometime in December. She is almost blind, from an eye disease known as Pigmatory Keratitus, secondary to KCS.(Whatever that means) We are flying her immediatly to Jane (BichonBen@aol.com), our resident special needs foster mom, who has been smelling puppy breath, in her imagination for months.She has a good personality...both Jane, and the mom to be.:)

Adopted!!!! Max now lives in Florida!

Our male pup, Max! Born 3/21/98. He is a bit shy, but we think he will pull out if it. He needs someone who needs him, as much as he needs them. He is only 1 year and 8 months old.
I saw Max today. He is very loving with his foster Mom and Dad. He is totally housetrained, and uses a doggy door! Max would be a GREAT friend to have!

Adopted!! Andy now lives in Florida with his new moma, Karren, and his two Bichon Brothers, Shoney and Magic!
This is Androtti, the little 4 year old male, that Susan is fostering, in Topeka, Kansas.

Read and see more pics of Andy.

He is being neutered and vetted in Topeka,Kansas. Susan writes..."He is a nice little guy. Scared but never a protest, just gets all stiff when touched. He did take a few steps toward me outside tonight and then froze for me to pick him up. He even leaned into me when I picked him up at the vets. He's skin and bones. Has nice solid teeth. No worms, heartworms, parvo or brucellosis. Not much hair now but appears to have Bichonly hair. Don't think he's ever been in a house but he does know a doggie door is a way to get to shelter. Seems to be comfortable around other dogs as long as there is a fence between them. Will see how he does with Harley tomorrow. I think Jazz and Kodi are a little to overwhelming to start with them.

I'm staying home with him tomorrow and will know more about his personality in a day or two."
"He met the whole crew this morning. Started with Harley and then Kismo the Kat joined in. Everything went fine so let Jazz and Kodi both join in. No playing but lots of sniffing, tail wagging, and peeing. He is coming up close to me once in a while and acting like he might like to be petted. Even put his nose on my cheek. This little guy is gonna steal someones heart!
He weighs 12 lbs 9 oz and is at least an inch shorter than Harley. He looks very Bichonly except for the short hair and that will grow. The only thing wrong with him is that he's not housebroken and not used to attention from people.If you are interested in adopting Andy, please write to IHarleyPup@aol.com


These are the teeth of the three year old male. The gums are black. They all will need dentals, while they are being fixed.
The Millers of Mo., will never make another cent, from THESE guys. They will never be used for profit, again.

What Can I do to Help This Effort?

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