Moon and Star

Meika and Echo, the two heart murmor babies... are on their way, to their new HOME, in Massachusetts,and their new MAMA, Jane, ( via a GREAT BIG OLE' 18 Wheeler!!!! Godspeed, babies!!Thank you, Lee, Moe, and last but NOT least..RAGS!!

Here is what was written, by a Jane, the new mom , who is taking on two heart murmor puppies..for Susan and I..Here is what she wrote to Bichon-L..the Bichon list..

Hello my friends,

I have a strange and wonderful story to tell you and the best part is that every word is true.

It started in Oklahoma with a Fairy Godmother ( aka Bichon Mom ) named
Robin who tosses off rescue miracles like confetti. Robin found out about a
load of small dogs dumped in a shelter in Columbia, Missouri ( puppymill
country ).

Among the Cresteds and Poodles and other little breeds were seven
Bichons. So FG Robin called the appropriate Breed Rescue representatives to
tell them about these orphans.

So then the BFCA Official Rescue person came and she took 5 of the
BIchons away with her to put into Rescue. What about the other 2 you ask?
Well, these 2 were special - a boy and a girl - 7-11 months old and both
with heart murmurs. They were put on the death list at the shelter ( why do
they call these places shelters? ).

Now FG Robin wanted to be sure all the babies had been taken care of so
she called the shelter and they told her about these 2. FG Robin now called
Fairy Godmother Susan who drove 200 miles from Kansas to Columbia, Missouri
to get these babies and bring them home.

You may have heard on this list about the AOL Bichon Brigade. Ben and I
were there several years ago and loved it but I left AOL and lost touch. I
always missed it though and about a month ago when I found out I could use
my own ISP and get AOL I went back.

FG Susan posted about these babies to the board.

As some of you know, I have 2 Rescue Newfoundlands who have heart
problems, also a great cardiologist and a holistic Vet who has worked with
me on diet and supplements with great success. I also live in Massachusetts
which is 1500 miles from Kansas.

I wrote to FG Susan and FG Robin on Saturday and said I would love to
take the pups and thought we could take good care of them here. I chewed my
nails all night and then FG Susan wrote me back on Sunday and said "YES".

Now, how to get the pups to Boston. Flying would be too stressful. Enter
Fairy Godmother Lee. You may remember a post to this list on Sunday from
Lesley Paquette who drives a big truck with her husband and her Bichon
Rags. They live in Texas which is on the other side of Kansas from here.

FG Lee wrote that they were driving to Massachusetts for a family
reunion. Hmmm I thought and figured I had nothing to lose so I wrote and
she wrote back and said hmmmmmm. So I put FG Lee in touch with FG Susan who
drove the pups to Joplin, Missouri where at about 7 a.m. this morning, they
boarded an 18 wheeler for the drive halfway across the country.

Not sure when they'll get to me but I know they're in loving hands. As
Listmember and good friend Jane Greaney ( FuzzyMom ) said - it's all about
one Bichon Mom ( or Dad ) helping another.

And as I said to Lee, I don't just believe in miracles - I rely on them.

All prayers for the well being of these babies as they travel and a
happy adjustment into their new home will be gratefully accepted.

Ben the Bichon the expectant Big Brother, Pudge the Retriever/Chow,
Minnow, Stevie & Davey the Newfoundlands