Small Paws® Rescue: Barkley, 1 year old male.

I received a call, from a no-kill sanctuary, in Columbia, Mo., about this little guy, Barkley. He was one year old, this month. He was left in a crate, too much, as a baby, and it really messed up his growth plate. Then out of boredom, he chewed THROUGH his back leg. Now it has healed, but he can not be crated, due to the stress.He also licked his penis, raw, while in the crate. He is a happy joyfull baby, otherwise. He had a wonderful foster family for 5 weeks, but they didn't know how difficult it can be, house-training Bichons!..LOL.
He is here with me, and has had NO accidents yet! We have been outside ALOT, and I SQUEEL with glee, when he potties! My neighbors must think I am nuts.:)
Barkley needs a home, with a Mom or Dad, who is HOME during the day. He LOVES to play with other dogs, and children. He saw a cat, and tried to GET it. I don't know if he wanted to PLAY, or to we don't know if he is Kittie safe.:(
I will place him locally, because he can NOT be flown, in a a crate.

Here is Barkley! He is an absolute doll! I am trying to get him in with my groomer, today.

Susan, Harley's Mom, met the lady who saved Barkley, and drove him down to Nevada, Mo, to meet me. Here is a pic, of him, outside her Blazer, with the new toys, collar, and rug, she bought for him. She had some time to see, I got a little lost.:)

Barkley...after grooming.:)

A Barkly Update!

Barkley's new mom, wrote this to me..the day he arrived, in Canada, and she picked him up, and took him HOME!
Well, we made it!! You know what the first thing Barlkey did in his new
home? DRANK FROM THE TOILET!!! Do you believe it?? Nick is going to take
him out for a quick walk before company comes, because he has SOOOO much
energy, I guess the last few days he hasn't gotten much. Bailey and Tino
both like him, and he seems to like both of them...when he stops moving for
a second!!!! I have left the back door open until he settles down- and he's
in and out and in and out...he should have been called Donovan Bailey!!!
I will put the pics we took either tonight or tomorrow! Tonight, we are
Loads of love and thanks to everybody!
Well, this will be pretty short, as I am typing with one hand - Barkley has
commondeered my lap and is sitting on the other!!!!
He is such a sweetheart, and has really taken to Nick - follows him
everywhere. He's gone for 3 walks since we got home, and he does really
well on leash! We have at least two more walks planned for today, as he is
SOOOOOO full of puppy energy!!! Tino likes him just fine, they give each
other their space (except when there is food around, then it"s a free for
all. Barkley did sleep through the
night with nooo problems, cuddling right up close! He does however, wake up
way too early for a Sunday! He is also fitting in perfectly with our
washroom schedule, and has not messed inside at allBarkley is not territorial here at all, well except for the way he is
hoarding the toys!! Fortunately, Bailey and Tino could care less, but he
was so please when he found underneath the endtable was chock full of marrow
bones, booda bones, toys and bacon wraps!! He'll bring one across the
floor, go get another, bring it back, go get another....until he has a whole
pile in front of him! Nick spoils these guys rotten!!!
Well I should go, I'm getting glares from the peanut gallery...I'll put the
pictures up soon, I promise! Nick had to swing by his parents this morning,
and I am therefore a one man show for the poochies, who all want 100%
attention. Oh well, he should be home soon! I think actually this
afternoon calls for a trip to the conservation area, it is absolutely
gorgeous out, tshirt weather, and puppies would love it!!
Talk to you soon, and thank you for everything - this is definately Barkleys
forever home, we all love him to bits!! Thank you for bringing him into our
Love Laura, Nick, Bailey Wailey, Tino Pupperino, and Barkley
ps. The one thrill Bailey _Wailey_ is having now that Barkley is here, is
periodicly barking at absolutely nothing, to send him and Tino scurrying to
the front door, thinking there is someone there...she's done it about 20
times so far, and I swear I can hear her laughing every time!!!