Before & After Pics

(The Midi Music playing is "I Will Survive")
"Oh no, not I, I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive;
I've got all my life to live,
I've got all my love to give and I'll survive,
I will survive!"

(On the left, is the "before" picture taken right after rescue. On the right, is the "after" picture sent by the adoptive family.)

Grace had the word "DEAD" written on her cage at the shelter. We presume it was for the body removers. Come read about this living miracle!
Amazing Grace

"Gillie" rescued from a South Texas Kill Shelter!

"Irving's Plight" from an Irving, Texas Kill Shelter

Florie, now named Charlotte, before, and with her new Mama, Robbin Locke, after adoption! Charolette was rescued from a puppy mill auction!

Saphire was a commercial kennel rescue who lost a kidney, part of her bladder and survived against all odds when she had a major infection. Thanks to all of you, she was saved and was just adopted by her foster parents, Lori and Andy!

Cashmere's Story

Cashmire was a Puppy Mill auction Bichon, purchased for $25.00.
Why We Go to Puppy Mill Auctions

Bon-Bon, now named Bart

Bon Bon was part of this commercial kennel rescue. The Valentine Bichons

Sir Nicholas Smallpaws

Nicholas was a Puppy Mill Bichon
Small Paws® Rescue: The Christmas Auction Bichons

Spunky Monkey

Spunky was abandoned and taken to a Mo. Shelter.

Small Paws® Rescue: Spunky's Heartbreaking Story


Small Paws® Rescue: Dallas
Dallas was saved on his LAST day, in a Dallas Kill shelter.


Dusty was a Puppy Mill Rescue

Small Paws® Rescue: Dusty's Story


Sammy was a Puppy Mill Bichon

Small Paws® Rescue: Sammy's Story

Sera & Chelsea

Sera and Chelsea were Puppy Mill Bichons

Small Paws® Rescue:Small Paws® Rescue:Sera & Chelsea

Max, now known as "Magic"

He was a Puppy Mill Auction Rescue.

Small Paws® Rescue:At The Auction


Sadie was a Puppy Mill Auction Rescue.

Small Paws® Rescue: The Christmas Auction Bichons
Sadie was known as Candy Cane

Little Peter

was a Puppy Mill Rescue
.Small Paws® Rescue: Wheaton Mo.


a Puppy Mill Rescue, now known as "Bentley"
Small Paws® Rescue: The Flower Baby Bichons

Cody @34 pounds............Cody the Buff

Small Paws® Rescue:Cody The 34 Pound Diabetic Bichon

Fonzie before ....... Fonzie & "Sadie" his new sister!

Small Paws® Rescue:The Happy Days Bichons

Small Paws® Rescue: I Met Elvis Today

Small Paws® Rescue: Okie in Ohio

Small Paws® Rescue: I Love Lucy

Mr. Widget gets a Sister, Miss Lily, a former "Breeder" Bichon

"Kewpie" A Puppy Mill Rescue

Small Paws® Rescue: The Mountainburg Arkansas Auction

"Jan" Now known as "Katie"

Small Paws® Rescue: The Brady Bunch (Wheaton Mo. Auction)

Small Paws® Rescue: Katie Springtime

Our Neurologically Damaged Baby

Small Paws® Rescue: The "Frazier" Puppy Mill Auction Babies
Ruger was previously "Eddie", and was a Puppy Mill rescue Lhasa Apso

Small Paws® Rescue: Baby Marrisa Who had Been Beaten
Marrisa is now named Samantha and lives the life of a queen!:) She has no lasting damage from being beaten.

Small Paws® Rescue: The Olympic Spirit!

Gabi was a 5 pound Puppy mill rescue and was literally almost dead. The "after" picture is of she and her new bro, Armani. Armani is the bigger one, on the left. Gabi is on the right.

Ralph was a puppy mill auction Bichon.

Small Paws® Rescue: The "Happy Days" Rescues

O'hare had mange. Not anymore!
Irish Eyes

Tammy at 2:30 P.M.Tammmy at 6:00 P.M. the same day.
Tammy was recognized at a shelter as a possible Bichon Mix!
She's a Small Paws Bichon now!

13 year old Sam, with his brand new Dad, after adoption!

Rudy, rescued from death row at the Memphis Shelter!

"Roman" before and after!
This little Bichon mix was in an Ohio shelter before being rescued by Small Paws volunteers. He has been hit by a car (as evidenced by road rash) and is absolutely covered in ticks. The vet says he has never seen such infestation as this poor little boy has endured.
"Roman" (he was found ROAMIN' the Ohio countryside) is now receiving life saving medical care at a vet's office in Ohio.

Update! May 28 2004
Roman has been treated and is in foster care now. The vet thinks he is a Bichon/Schnauzer mix!

Michelle Peterson's little "Abigail", one of our puppy mill auction rescues!

Small Paws® Rescue: Online Adoption Application