Barkley, Goes Home, to Canada!

We got a letter, from a wonderful lady, who really wanted, to give Barkley, a "forever" home, with she, and her family, and their TWO Bichons, in CANADA..AACK! Canada! How would we ever get Barkley to CANADA??!! He can't be he can't be flown! AACK!
We posted our need, on the Acme Pet's Rescue Transportion Board, on Tuesday, October 27, 1999. Tuesday night, I was contacted by "Frank", the truck driver! His significant other, Margo, is active in Bouvier Rescue in Canada, and SHE saw our plea! When Frank, called her, she said,"STOP!! There is a Bichon, who needs to get to Canada!"
This morning, I delivered Barkley, into the arms of Frank, the truck driver. A nicer man, you will not meet. Barkley is on the way to his "forever" home, with a family, who has Bichons! A MOM who is home all day, and can continue the house-training, that I have begun.(Not one accident, in my house, since I brought him home, last Sunday!)And, she has rescued one Bichon, with a severe case of seperaration anxiety, so I know she will have lots of patience, with our guy Barkley!
God Bless Frank, the trucker, who stole my heart, this morning...and God Bless Margo, too!

Frank shows Barkley, around.

Barkley, LOVED Frank, from the minute they met! Here they are, in the "sleeper" of Franks Truck!

Barkley practises looking out the window, and prepares for his trip, to his new mama. I love you, Barkley!