Labor Day Weekend 2005

Small Paws attended TWO puppy mill auctions today! One in Ohio and one in MO.
Thanks to your generosity, FIFTEEN Bichons now sport the new last name of Small Paws!

Here are the first pics from our Tulsa, Oklahoma clinic! We brought back TWO from the auction today, SIX from a commercial kennel purchase in Mo. (Two more from this group are being vetted in Blue Springs Mo., and five that were vetted in Neosho Mo. Three of those were pets that came into rescue.

Backing up to the clinic in Tulsa.

Dale holding the two little males that we bought at auction in Wheaton Mo today. Does he look like Jack Nicholson or is it just me? HAHA!

Your's truly holding one of our newest Bichons.

This one has a darling face and will look great when he is all cleaned up!
(The Bichon, not Dale)

A darling puppy that we purchased from a commercial kennel early in the week. She called him a "juvenile". I have to check and see how old he is...he is a doll and very cuddly!

One of the three pets that we brought back from MO.

One of our auction babies from today!

Here they are in their kennels, waiting to go into clean dry places for the night with plenty of fresh food, water, and air conditioning!