Our Latest Rescue Baby : 7 month old male

"Are you talkin' to my new Mama, on that 'Puter?"

Guess what lucky Brigader, is adopting THIS baby?....BENNYGIRL!!! Yup..she is getting a baby brother..on Saturday!!! He is being neutered tomorro AM. I recieved a call, from the same lady, who had Buster, and Missy, and the 8, four day old puppies, that we took in , back in June. Bonnie, raised those babies, and many of our Brigadeers, have adopted them!
This baby's daddy is Buster, (Jinglebell's daughter, has him) and his mom is Penny..who has since been spayed, and still resides with the lady, as her pet. Back when she was still breeding, she sold this pup..and 7 months later, he has come back. The people were never home, and didn't have time for him.She asked me if I would take him. Robin, (Bennygirl) was next down on the list, for adoption requests!

Chipper has already taught him to wrestle and blitz!


"Mornin' Mom...."

Me and The Chipmeister.

This baby was adopted, and lives in Florida, now, with his new Mom, and his Bichon sister,Bennygirl!

"I'mmmmm on the'rrrrre nottttttt.."