Baby Rescue Bichon

Today, we took a little 8 week old, Bichon baby, into rescue, from the mills of Mo. He is PERFECT!!!! His mom, bit some of his foreskin, (around his penis) off, and the wholesaler wouldn't take him. Now WE have him! has totally healed, and you can't tell, anything was ever wrong. Here are his first pictures.

When he first got here, he was tired, hungry, thirsty, and dirty. This is his "Before" picture.

I plopped his little butt, right in the sink. He got his first bath, and didn't mind at all.

He really cleaned up well. I can't keep him. I can't keep him. I can't keep him. I can't keep him.

Him is a tiny boy.

"I want DOWN." Green bones is good.

Chipper and Julius, wrestlin'!

"Get back here, you, PAPER, you!"

He was adopted, by a loving family with another bichon, Ceasear! And..his new name is JULIUS!!