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Small Paws® Rescue: Officer Bill, & B.J.'s Story

Now, on the AOl Bichon Message Board, it is the Bichons, that do the talkin', so I will let Chipper, tell this story!
THIS was his first post, about this story...

Subject: Prayers,please/shelter Bichon
Date: Thu, 07 October 1999 02:41 PM EDT
From: Pup3

Hiya Best Bichon Buds,
Mom got an e-mail, a few days ago, from a lady, in Kansas,who had rescued a 3 year old bichon baby, Da Lady was asking Mom,for help, in placing this guy. Mom said "YES! I'm Comin' Baby!!" (she says dat awot..)..well..da lady writes back..and says dat the Bichon baby has alweady been ' some people whose DOBERMAN died..Mom thinks....hmmm Bichons is BERY differwnt fwon Dobermans....this don't sound wight...
Last night..Mom gets another email..and NOW,the 3 year old bichon, is in PWISON, in a Kansas SHELTER!! AACK! Mom calls da animal contwol officer guy, and finds out..dat Officer Bill, seen da smawl curly white escapee, runnin down da street. He says to himsef,"Sef..wittle white doggies, should NOT be awone in da stweet" Bill, goes to get the bichon baby. Guess what?..Da Bichon escapee, runs to a HOUSE..Officer Bill follows!! Officer
Bill, rings da bell! Da wady OPENS da DOOR!!!..When da door is open, da Bichon Baby TWIES to run IN da HOUSE..and DA WADY KICKS HIM BACK ONTO DA PORCH!!!!!!!!! ( Dwive-by time..grrrrrr....)
Officer Bill, reaches down and picks up da poor scared , shakin. trembwin, starvin, thirsty,dutty,lub-starved baby,(Who by da way does not eben hab ONE toy..). The DUMB OLE LADY says,"We neber seed him before..he is a STWAY"!!! (Liar!! Liar!! Pants on Fiwer!!!)
Comes to find out..DESE people..USED to hab a DOBERMAN..BUT NOW... dey gots a DEAD DOBERMAN..AHA!! I Inspector Chippeau..has put it togever, dat, the DUMB OLE LADY and the DEAD DOBERMAN PEOPLE..ARE One and da SAME!!!!!.AHA!! (An dey are wiers, too.)
Sooo..Mom cawls Susan, Harweys Mom and says "HELP ME!!, HELP ME!!, I cried".
Well..Officer Bill,is gonna go up to dem DUMB people, dis afternoon,..and say."Ok..da GIG is UP...we KNOW who you reawwy is..and you SIGN dis owner turn in paper, right hewer and now,'s Harwey's Mom can come and GET this poor, scared , shakin. trembwin, starvin, thirsty, dutty, lub-starved baby,(Who by da way STILL, does not eben hab ONE toy), as opposed to makin him WYE in a Fiffy, NASTY shelter, till MONDAY morning! (They have a 5 day
mandatory waiting period on strays..Kansas State Law)
IF da DUMB OLE LADY says..she wants her Bichon back..Officer gonna hit her wif MEGA Big..dat she will be busted fwat in Baton Rouge, waitin for da twain..feeling nearly faded as her jeans.
Plwease pway..for Officer Bill..dat he can get the paper Auntie Susan can go and SWIPE da Bichon baby, from the snatches ob death and disease, which run rampant at dose shelters.
(And...he hasn't even had a PARVO vaccination. Mom is pwactiwawwy swoonin ober da bery thought.:( )
He will be up fow adoption..if'n we can snatch him soon.
Thank you for your support. Amen.
All My Love,Chipper,Beeshey Freeze Extraordinaire

And the SECOND Post...

Subject: Kleenex Alert! Happy News!
Date: Fri, 08 October 1999 12:32 PM EDT
From: Pup3

Well ,we have GREAT news!!
This morning, I heard from Officer Bill! The people still won't admit, to it being their bichon..(afraid of the fines, I think..) BUT, Officer Bill, is releasing the baby to us, tomorro MORNING!! Yahoo! Harley's Mom, is going to pick him up! And.., (now this is the BESTEST part)..we have found a GREAT home for this poor baby..with one of our own! Her screenname is Tat2roze, and she has indeed known tradgedy.:(
She rescued a Bichon, from her work's parking lot, two years ago.."Nikki", was about 10, at that time. Sadly, she lost here Nikki, to liver disease, just 2 short years, later. THEN, she got another Bichon Baby. At 6 mos. old, THIS baby, went into cardiac arrest, on the table, while being neutered, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too. Both of these losses, have occured in the past one year. Can you imagine, how heart-broken, she must be? :(
Well..this morning, I called her vet, to get a reference on her. WOW! They were practically SCREAMING in my ear.."Yes!! Pick HER!! She s WONDERFUL to her animals!"..(she also has a 10 year old kitty!)
My next phone stop..was to call her at work, and let her know the good news. That we are indeed getiing this baby into rescue tomorro am..AND that SHE had been approved for his adoption! Her voice was cracking..she was starting to cry. She said she was holding herself down in her seat..because she felt like she was JUMPING out of it, she is SOOO excited. Our little shelter baby..will be going to live in TEXAS!! YaHOOOOO!!!
Tomorro, Susan will vet this baby, and see what needs to be done.He MAY already be neutered..but we need to exray and make sure, that he does not have retained testicles. If he does, that's ok too. He will just have the surgery, to remove them.
Well, That's about all! Just wanted to thank you ALL for the prayers..and let you know..we're adding one to the Brigade Family! (right now, his name is "Buddy"..but that may change.:) Love,Robin
Thank you for your support. Amen.
All My Love,Chipper,Beeshey Freeze Extraordinaire

Here is the REST OF THE STORY..with PICS of the rescue baby AND Officer Bill! Thank you Susan Sebring of Topeka Kansas!!!

Today, Susan drove from Topeka, Kansas, to Perry, Oklahoma. I drove from Tulsa, Perry, where I met Susan. We had lunch, and then I headed to Oklahoma City..where B.J.'s NEW Moma was waiting, after driving up from South Texas. B.J. (Formerly "Buddy") acted like he had loved her for all of his life. It was truly a great match!!!!!

He loved his new mom,Sharon, immediatly!!

MOM had TREATS! Look at that TAIL!!!

Is that a SMILE??? He is goin' HOME now..:)