This is a 3 year old, male, puppy mill rescue Bichon Frise. He is "almost" housetrained. :)
He has been neutered, and has his shots. He is good around other dogs, but since we don't know, if he would do well with children, we would ask, that he be adopted, into a home with older children, or adults only. For adoption information, contact me at
Here he is, in the arms of his foster mom
He is VERY sweet...and loves to be brushed!

Bonnie, his foster mom, here in Tulsa, and Bucky.


Bucky is now "Bonsai"! He has been adopted by a great new mom, named "Joyce", and her family! They have already rescued one bichon, four year old Chippy! Bonsai (Meaning LONG LIFE, in Japanese) is doing SO well, in his new home! Here are the pics, of Bonsai and Chippy!

Bonsai is on the left!

The look of a happy pupper!!

Wonder when he got his driver's license??! Check the rear view mirror..and off we goooo, McDonalds!!

Bonsai's New Mom, Joyce, gives her permission to share this e-mail, that she writes, telling how Bonsai is doing.
"Dear Robin,

Things have changed since I wrote you this morning. Bonzai no longer waits for me to go up the stairs, now he runs past me and waits on the landing looking at me as to say "what's taking you so long mom". He is 99% housetrained, he sits in front of me and looks at the door then at me, then back at the door and when asked if he wants to go out he gets real excited running around, tail wagging, and if I don't move fast enough he even barks at me (of course his bark is kind of yappy). Oh, Robin he is coming along so good. We have a long way to go, but I don't mind the trip. I wish only the best for Molly and all the rescues. If my Bonzai is any example of the amount of love you can get from a mill puppy, then there should be alot of very happy parents out there. Again, I can't thank you enough. I am so glad to have found the bichon board and you.

Happy Holidays,


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