Cashmere, the Puppy Mill Bichon

I picked little Cashmere, up, on June 26,1999. He was another victim, of the Puppy Mills. He is only 3 years old, and his Birthday is November 28, 1995. He has been so abused, that his little bones stick out, and his little spirit seems broken.

Monday,June 28...Poor baby...he had never even SEEN grass, and was probably raised on concrete. All he would do, was cower. He was terrified of everything. He wouldn't walk, wouldn't go outside to potty. He was boarded at my vet's, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while awaiting his new mom, Diane, to come, all the way from Endicot, New York, to adopt him. He will be neutered, have his vaccinations, and have his teath cleaned.

Tuesday,June 29...He was a little "whiter", after a bath. I brought him a few toys and some treats. He wouldn't eat. I bought him some grilled chicken, from Sonic, and he still wouldn't eat. he was just to scared.

At least, now, he has his own collar, and toys. He won't leave his towel, yet.

Friday,July 2......Today, was "Miracle Day!!" I saw his little spirit coming through! He is coming around!! He even POTTIED on the leash today!! SEEEEEE???????

THERE!! There it is!! A first spark of JOY!!!! He is going to be just fine. I just LOVE the moment, when I see this first ray of hope, for these poor mill dogs. It's like they have been in concentration camp...

Is that a SMILE????!!! I believe it IS!! I sat outside, on the step, of the vet office, with him, today. We watched the world go by.

The day is HERE!! On July 8, 1999, I received a phone call from my vet's office! They said,"Robin..the people are here, for Cashmere.."
OFF I rushed!! What a delightful lady!! Here are some pics, of Cashmere with his NEW MOMA!!

When I arrived, at my vet's office, I found Diane, and her new baby, bonding on the lawn.

I think she LIKES him???LOL!

Diane, Cashmere, and "HERO MAN"..(her good friend Gene). Gene drove Diane, over 1400 miles, to adopt little Cashmere, despite TWO car breakdowns...:(
Gene is definetly a "keeper"!

Close-up of the "SMILE"!!!

HERO MAN, Gene, again! He was going to turn right around, and head back to New York. He has to be back at work on Monday. What a GUY!!!!

I can't tell you, what this rescue doggie, has done, for the hearts of SO many. I pray for a LONG and HAPPY love, for Diane, and blessed little CASHMERE!!! Love,Robin

Cashmere's Poem
Written by Karen Franklin


I am a very lucky pup, to have found a Mom like you,
I was so scared, when I was saved, my spirit broken to...
An angel save my life that day, and Robin was her name,
She showed me love, which I never new, and then she found me you...

You waited such a long, long time, to share your love with me,
There were several pups ahead of me, but it wasn't meant to be...
Because I was the one, that needed you, more than all the rest,
Now I'll give you all, the love I have, because you are the best...

You counted down the days I know, till you came to take me home,
My angel who took care of me, said I would never again be alone...
She told me of another angel, who would make me her special boy,
Together we would be so happy, with our hearts so full of joy...

That angel would be you, dear Mom, you came so far for me,
You knew you loved me, sight unseen, it was just meant to be... The spark of life is back with me, my spirit is shining through,
We'll be together all the time, and everything we do...

Will be so very special to me, and I'll love you very much,
Your love for me, will show on your face, and in your gentle touch...
We'll have many happy years together, and share our lives we two,
I will be your loving, happy pup, and give all my love to you....



UPDATE: Cashmere and Diane, are bonded as closely, as any owner and animal, I have ever seen. Just look, at this beautiful boy NOW!!!

Update: May 11, 2000

Cashmere today.

Diane wrote this one the one year anniversary of adoptiong Cashmere!

"On July 9,1999 I arrived at the McKinny Hilton at 5:30 pm. After planning this trip, Gene drove me from NY to OK. First his truck broke down, problems with the clutch. Came home, his brother offered his car, took a nap and started out again. In MO we had another breakdown, the alternator went in the middle of the night. All our travel plans really got screwed up. But I wasn't worried at all because I knew that this little dog waiting for me was something that was going to happen. But I did get alittle worried that we wouldn't make it in time before the vet closed for the day. But we did make it, thanks to Gene. I went in and introduced myself and they went to get my bichon. I lost my heart the minute I saw him. He was so small and shaking. I took a hold of him like his life depended on it but he still shook. McKinnys is a very busy place so we went outside after I asked them to call Robin and tell her we were there. I wasn't going to travel all that way without meeting this person who I became friends with over the internet. From there you know the story. We visited at her house for a while then left again for the trip back. The first month was one of the most stressful times I have ever had. This little dog wouldn't eat or drink unless I put it right in front of him. He didn't walk around, he just stayed in his corner. I was talking to Robin several times a day. But the day came when he did come out of his corner and wagged his tail at Monster CAt. I have come to realize that to have a puppymill dog is like having your first baby. So unsure of it all but with the next it comes easier. Today Cashmere is a happy, healthy boy. He still is afraid of the outside. He is afraid of thunder. He has come along way with people. He doesn't shake meeting new people but he doesn't go up and say hello either. I know everyone thinks their bichon is special. To me Cashmere is even more than that. Even tho he isn't overly affectionate or playful I know he loves me and to see him get some enjoyment out of some simple thing just tears at my heart. He is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. He is so much apart of me and my life that when I look at him I dont' see a dog anymore. He is that special. So:
To my beautiful baby boy, whose life I am blessed in sharing Happy One Year Anniversary. I love you. And to Robin who I can't thank enough for always being there when I need her and mostly for giving me my precious Cashmere.