Rosie, Magnolia, and Chauncey
January 18, 2000

I brought these three babies back today from Misouuri. They are five years old, and are Puppy Mill "culls". For one reason or another, the miller didn't want them anymore. (Thank GOD)

Here they are in the crate, in the back of my car....

Meet Rosie..get a look at that smile! Rosie is five years old, and is small. She weighs 12 pounds. She is a very friendly little baby!

Rosie has been ADOPTED!!

Meet Magnolia...

Magnolia is a litle shy..but she loved being held, once I picked her up. Her litle tail started wagging. :)

Magnolia has been ADOPTED!!!

Meet Chauncey. Chauncey was already named, so we kept her name.Chauncey must have been a wonderful mother..she really looks out for Rosie and Magnolia.

Chauncy almost escaped from the vets examining room! is very curious. Even though I had to corner her to pick her up, she did not even try to snap. She really has a sweet heart.

Chauncey is AVAILABLE

Rosie and Magnolia, look up and watch as Chauncey gets her exam and vaccinations

Magnolioa is scanned to check for a microchip. She did not have one.
Microchipping can be done, by the vet here, for a small additional fee.

Dr.McKinney is always very, very, gentle with them.Of course, he has a BICHONAMOMA standing right there..BREATHING down his neck, saying, "Don't HURT them!"

One of the dog's teeth. :( Of course they will all have to have dentals done, at the time of their spaying.

If you are interested in adopting one of these babies, or helping with their vet bill, plase e-mail me at

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