Small Paws® Rescue: T.J., 15 year old Bichon
We got word of an older Bichon, who was taken to a shelter and abandoned, because the family was getting a new home, with new carpeting, and didn't want their old friend, messing it up. I just wonder, how many Christmases, T.J. was a loving addition to their home. I wonder how many tears, over the years, he has kissed away from their cheeks. I wonder how many nights, he gave comfort to one of them, who may have been feeling lonely. And now, his little heart is breaking, wondering where his Mom and Dad are, where are his PEOPLE..and wondering what he did, to cause them to have abandoned him.
One of our wonderful volunteers, drove several hours, to meet another rescuer, who had pulled T.J. from the shelter, knowing that he would have been euthinized, because of his age. T.J. is 15 years old, and in pretty good shape. Our volunteer, Donna, (, says that she will keep him for the rest of his days. She says she is lucky to have him. Aren't we blessed with great volunteers? Here is his picture.Thank you Donna, for saving T.J., and offering to love him, for whatever time he has left.We send lots of love and prayers, to this precious baby boy.
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