Small Paws® Rescue: Buster, Missy, and 8 Puppies,

Meet "Buster", an eleven month old, neutered male bichon, who is OBEDIENCE trained!! He will fly out, on Delta-Dash, to his NEW home, in Florida..with Chipper's buddy JINGLEBELL, from, the AOL Bichon Brigade! Read about his rescue, below! He weighs about 10 pounds, and is even housetrained! He is MR. Personality! He sort of has a P**dle haircut, now..but when he has his manly BICHON cut, he will be a STUNNER!! He is only about 8 inches high at the shoulder.and makes Chipper, look like Wilt Chamberlain.

Bonnie, Fuzzy and Maggie Lint's mom, holds the babies. They were born on Sunday, June 7. 1999. We will be LOOKING for WONDERFUL homes for the babies, when they are 8-10 weeks old! Contact Bonnie, at, for more info!

Well, tonight something wonderful happened, and to all of you, who emailed references about me, a few weeks ago, thanks..and it paid off.

Tonight, a rescue buddy of mine, Bonnie,(Fuzz and Maggie Lint's Mom) and I, took into 11 month old male neutered, housetrained, obedience trained ADORABLE bichon baby!!And .....a 13 month old female..with 8 puppies..that were born on Sunday. :( My OTHER partner in Witchita, Susan, Harley's Mom, s helping us on this rescue too.)

My breeding letter, finally got to the lady who had these babies..She WAS what is known, as a Backyard Breeder..but NO more!!!! Yipee!!..She KEPT her pet bichon, Penny, which was spayed yesterday.

Buster, the little male, was neutered, on Friday, and is asleep in his pen, in our room, as I type. Missy, is nursing 4 day old babies. (EIGHT of em...)The lady signed them over to us, legally, and all, and gave us a donation, to help with their care. I have the male..or should I say, that CHIPPER has him.!(They are Buds already.This dogs has ALL shots and is heartworm NEGATIVE..WHEW!..LOL!!..)..and Bonnie is fostering the mom and 8 ANGEL puppies!! (Lhasa Mom, I couldn't resist..) Hey Skeptic..I think it was YOUR reference about me, that was the thans, so very much..from ALL of these babies..

I am shipping Buster out to a new home, via Delta Dash, to one of Chipper's buddies, from the AOl Bichon Board....on Friday..Pics tomorro..I am dead on my feet..We were there with her for 3 hours..she really has been converted she said. She said she at first thought, that I was a radical wacko..and now she knows..that I am..! HAHAH! AND..she is the same way now!! She thought she would loose Missy last week..This poor dog is a small 13 month old bichon..and had EIGHT babies!!! She called me in hysterics, saying Missy looked like a watermelon and would NOT get up... I sent her for an make sure they were all alive..and the vet said in a week to ten days..they would be born..NUH UH..They were born on Sunday!! Anyway I have spent several hours with her..convincing her that his was the right thing to do..We both even prayed with her. That breeding leter I wrote.., must have been inspired by God..Here it is..for the newbies..Love,Robin

I originally wrote this for someone else..but I think it might help you too..



Hi..It's Chipper's Mom, Robin, again.You had said, in a post to the board, that your baby Bichon is 6 months old, and coming in season, and you were wanting to breed her. I softly discouraged it, because of her tender young age.I got a very sweet note from you asking, when I thought WAS the right time to breed her.Well, here goes, and I want you to know, that I am writing this with all of the love, that I have, in my heart, for both you and your precious baby bichon, Matte..

I have a history of being a dog rescuer.I have rescued over 1000 in my lifetime, and either found them all homes, or returned them to their frantic owners. On a few occasions, I held them, in my arms, as they passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, to severely injured to recover. On another few occasions, I have kept them, and that may explain, why I have 5 dogs now!

I have seen the despicable things, done in the puppy mills, to dogs, seen only as livestock, with not a name, but only a number.

I have watched the vet, doing surgery, on little females, who had so many litters, that their uteruses were like jelly. I have seen females, who have had numerous c-sections, and by the looks of the scars, probably on a kitchen table. Some people in the puppy mill business, don't spend money for vets, much less anethesia.

I have been in shelters, and have yet to have been in one, that wasn't over-crowded.

I have looked into the eyes and soul, of a man, who daily, makes a choice WHO lives and WHO dies, at the shelter. It is ususally decided, by how many days, a furbaby has been there, usually three.

I have seen an incinerator..filled to the brink..with unloved, unwanted, bodies..of dogs, that I am sure, when they were young..were cute little puppies..that had owners. Owner's that never dreamed , that THEIR puppy, would end up here. I am sure some of them must have thought.."But I have a pure-breed..and I just want her to have ONE litter." I'm sure that other's must have thought,"I only want my children to experience the miracle of birth". But here is the truth.The cold, hard, honest truth.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of dogs, and cats, kittens, and puppies, are killed..for the simple fact, that no one wants them. I know that this may upset some of the folks on this board..but the truth is..there ARE Bichons, just like our sweet babies..that are put in with the rest of the unwanted dogs..and euthinized..because no one wants them.

This would be my plea, to you. Please, leave the breeding of the Bichons Frise, to reputatable breeders, who know about things like backgrounds, and bloodlines. About genetics, and inheritable diseases. Please..I beg you, with a humble and loving heart..please have your sweet baby Matte, that you will NOT be the add any MORE unwanted babies, to that incinerator, I just told you about.

I know in your mind, you may be thinking.."Oh I would NEVER sell, my puppies to anyone but GOOD people".The problem is..let's say, that you have 5 puppies..and find all of them homes. Six months pass..and we see on the AOL Bichon Board, someone asking for a breed with their female, because she is 6 months old, and coming in season.Another 6 months goes by. In five years, we may have THOUSANDS of Bichons..because of the very first litter..Can you PROMISE me..that EACH and EVERY one of those..will have loving homes?.I wonder, many of those Bichons...may end up in the shelter..wagging their little tails, smiling up at the man...who has just told them.."Come on little one.. it is day three." And the sweet little Bichon baby happily raises up, to be picked up..for the last time.

Love, Robin Pressnall

-------------------------------------------------------And here was her reply..

Subj: Re: Looking for a Male

Date: 2/26/99 4:19:22 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: xxxxx

To: Pup3

Your letter really got to me. I wasn't sure if I should mate her being there are so many dogs that get put to sleep. To let you know I talked it over with the family and have decided to get our Mattie fixed. Your letter just confirmed in my heart what I already knew was the right thing to do. Thank you