Small Paws® Rescue: The Cockers

These two adorable Cocker Spaniels, were abandoned, by their owners, at this Coffeville, Kansas shelter. They would have been euthinized, if they had not been rescued.

"Free at LAST!! Free at LAST!! Thank God A'Mighty, were FREE at LAST!!"

("C'mon lady...let's get OUTTA here..")

Aren't they PRECIOUS?! The little female is on the left..and the male is on the right.They don't even look two years old.


"Let's get this show on the ROAD!"

"I was beginning to wonder, if we'd EVER get OUTTA there....."

The babies, are getting ready to go with Connie, who will deliver them to Paulette Herl, of Kepajac Spaniels, who will foster them. IF the little girl, is pregnant, (and we think she may be), Paulette, will make sure the puppies all are placed in loving homes. Here is Paulette's E-Mail addy, if you would like to thank her. ( Here is her web page!

These sweet babies, just wanted to be HELD, and CUDDLED! They acted as if, they had never seen a stranger. They saw some kids walk by, and they went nuts..they must have had children, where they lived before.

I wish to thank the following people, for all of their hard work, in helping to find a foster home, for these babies.

Linda Lathrop
Lathrop Cocker Spaniels and Cocker Rescue Listings
Lathrop Animal Rights & Rescue Page

Valerie Macys
Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center

Heidi Braun
Tebreez Cockers and Cocker Rescue
Menomonee Falls, Wi.

Connie, our transporter!

Cathy Ryan, of Ryan's Cocker Rescue


I recieved this, this morning, November 16, 1999

Here is a picture of "Buster and Daisy" the 2 buffs we got from
Coffeyville a few months ago. We FINALLY got them to their new home in
Washington. The dogs also have 2 little girls and a Mom and Dad to spoil
them to death. They adopted them in June and it has taken THIS long to
finally get them there.
Thought you might like to see how the 2 turned out..:-))
CSRMP/Wigglebuttexpress Cocker Rescue and Referral


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