A Miracle Has Happened

Tonight, a miracle has happened..."Sammy" flew to her new mom, Diane..the mom of Cashmere.

Small Paws® Rescue:Cashmere's Story

When Sammy left Tulsa, she was crouching on the ground..scared to death. When I met Susan, earlier this morning, to hand her off, to be transported, she crouched..wouldn't even potty. See the story, of the Puppy Mill Auction, where we rescued Sammy,for $30,
Small Paws® Rescue: The Auction Babies

Diane has a GIFT, for dealing with these abused babies..LOOK!!! Before and after pics!! She has already made herself right at home..and jumped on the first sofa, she has ever seen!

Sammy..the day after the auction...

Sammy, after being in Diane's home just one hour, on the sofa, with Diane's son.

UPDATE!! See Cashmere and Sammy TOGETHER, at HOME!