The Christmas Auction Bichons!!!

On a cold and snowy December 5, 1999, Small Paws Rescue
purchased the following Bichon babies from a complete
"kennel dispersal" Puppy MillAuction. The lady had previously
been suspended by AKC,and sold everything. The dogbowls, the
shears,the works
. Small Paws® Rescue, was able to save 10
Bichons,from being purchased, by other Puppy Mills.They range in
age,from 4 months, to 9 1/2 years.
They all seem to have good
temperaments. They are in pretty bad shape, as far as their coats
and teeth go.:( Two are pregnant. Two are babies. They all are
very sweet. They truly are.:)

Small Paws® Rescue has given them all temporary "Holiday" names, to tell
them apart. If you can give a "forever" home,
or a foster home, to one or more of them, please write to either
myself at, or Susan at .

Our vet will be FULL, with Christmas boarders, and we MUST have these
babies out of the vet's office, by December 21, 1999.
We also will
have some pretty big vet bills starting to come in soon,for these babies.
If you would like to be a part of this exciting rescue, click here for information.
What Can I do to Help This Effort?

We appreciate you, so very
much. These precious Bichons would now be in the hands
of other PuppyMills, if not for your support.

.Happy Holidays
to you and yours, from Small Paws® Rescue.

Meet the Christmas Auction Babies!

"Merry" & "Christmas". Two beautiful girls! Born 8/10/99
They are 17 weeks old.

"Merry" & "Christmas" after baths!
Merry & Christmas, have been ADOPTED!!

Meet "Mistletoe"! He was born 5/16/93, and is 6 1/2. He is a
real corker! Very friendly!

Mistletoe has been adopted, and re-named Nicholas!!!

This is "Holly"! Holly was born 4/7/97. She is 2 years old.
at those eyes! Holly promises to love you forever.
Hollie has now been ADOPTED, by a Small Paws® Adoptive Mom!!! She has been renamed "Mollie"! B.J. will have a SISTER!

Get a look at "Fruitcake"! He is a NUT!Mr.Personality!!!
Fruitcake was born 5/1/98. He is only 1 1/2 years old.

Fruitcake has been adopted and renamed
Charlie Brown!!

Charley Brown, on the shoulder of his new Mom!


I received the following e-mail, from Jeannie, the wonderful lady, who haas adopted Fruitcake, AKA "Charley Brown." It is the perfect example, of how these little puppy mill rescues, can respond to love. She gives her permission to reprint.

<Hi, Robin:

Just want to give you the "first day" update on Charlie Brown.

Coming back to OKC in the car, he crawled into my lap and spent the first
10 miles shakingh, and the next 40 miles in bliss.

When we arrived at my house, I Iet him out of the car onto the driveway.
He "cowered" and wouldn't move an inch. After much coaxing, I picked him
up and carried him to the backyard. It took a while, but then he "came
to life." He ran the length of my yard, over and over and over again, as
if he had never run before in his life. All I could do was sit back and
shake my head and say, "Thank you, God, thank you."

This evening, he is "camped out" in one of my recliners (Sundae in the
other). He didn't eat much, but drank at least a liter of water. During
the day today he learned to use the doggie door - at least he learned to
come in from the outside. I would take him out, every hour or so, just
in case, and leave him in the backyard. After about ten minutes, he
would find his way back inside the house. That's good! I have not seen
any "accidents" in the house - so assume Charlie is doing what needs to
be done while he is outside. As of the moment, he is chewing on a pig
ear on my bed, with my little Sundae nuzzled by his side.

The only problem I see to date is that he "cowers" and assumes a really
submissive stance whenever I extend my hand toward him. But, I find that
if I talk to him and leave my hand extended, he "crawls" toward me and
licks my hand. I shudder to imagine what went on in his earlier life -
to "cower" before the hand of a human. Whoever did that to Charlie needs
to be shot!

Thank you, thank you, Robin, for giving me this precious little life. In
just six hours, he has made at least 500% progress. By tomorrow, he will
probably be writing these e-mails, fixing his own dinner, and taking his
own pictures!

Thank you! Thank you! I am blessed!

I'll keep you posted on the progress we make tomorrow..

Love, Jeannie>


Two sisters, Candy Cane, and Belle, have been together
all of their lives, and are very attached to each other.:(
They were both born 6/15/91, and are 8 1/2 years old. Belle
is very pregnant.

Belle and Candy have a foster home, in California, till Belle has her babies!

Update! Candy has been adopted!

"Blitzen" was born 4/7/97, and is 2 years old. Just a baby boy!
Blitzen wants to wake up with you, on Christmas Morning.

Blitzen has been adopted!! His new Mom & Dad, will call him Blitzen, which in German, means "Lightning"! He will live near San Bernadino, California!

Angel was born 4/1/96, and is 3 years old. Angel is pregnant.

Look at that face..she needs a foster home, where she can
deliver her last litter of babies.

Angel, after grooming!

We now have a foster home for Angel to have her babies!!

Update: Angel has been adopted!!

Meet our "Miracle". She was born 5/7/90, and is our oldest
rescue at Nine and 1/2. She is a little scared, and the
action brochure said she was a "good mom".(((sigh)))

Miracle has been adopted!!!

She will first be fostered with one of our volunteers, Jackie, ( in California. Sera and Chelsea's new Mama and Daddy, Christine and Ron., ( sent funds to pay for Miracle's vet bills. She will fly to Jackie's either this Thursday or Friday! What a Miracle!!!
Further Update & Pictures!!

Miracle, peeking out of her crate...

Miracle, with one of Jackie's boys..right before her new mom came to get her!

Read this letter, from Miracle's new was posted on the AOL Bichon Frise Board...I think her new mom, must be a miracle, too!
Subject: Miracle says "Hi...and thank you all so much" from her new forever home...
Date: Sun, 12 December 1999 11:11 PM EST
Yes everybody, Miracle is here safe and sound with me in Fremont, CA...It's going to take a while to get her socialized, but she's bright eyed and attentive to everything going on around here...Obviously, there's alot going on in this house with 4 humans, 7 cats and 12 birds... aside from the humans, many of whom are rescues...She paces constantly...She seeks refuge in her crate
pushing out the soft, warm towel underneath her and preferring the hard, cold plastic surface...To me, that is a good sign...If she's capable of finding solace and peace somewhere, anywhere now, perhaps some time soon she'll be able to find it in my arms where she belongs...
I am keeping in mind tips my vet student daughter had gotten from a dog braviorist for her Peke where she needed to establish herself as Alpha dog with him so that he'd mind her...So we put a light collar and leash on Miracle so that she must drag it around all the time...24/7...I've also decided to approach Miracle as I would a very smart albeit unsocialized parrot....Since my expertise lately has been with birds...I'm not called The Bird Lady of
Ohlone Humane Society for nothing...LOL...In order to get the collar and leash on her we "towelled" her as one would a parrot, so while she was swaddled and held close,. the collar was gently fastened around her neck with surprisingly little resistence...I find it interesting how calm Miracle becomes when she's been approached by someone holding a leash.....She's been allowed to wander throughout the house sniffing and exploring...She's also free to
go in and out of her crate at will...She slept in her unlocked crate in our bedroom throughout the night from lights out until 7am when I got up to take my pills...She's also eating from a regular dog bowl instead of off the floor as I'd expected...She's semi-housebroken...just one little piddle in the morning before I could move my butt to get dressed and take her out...I take her outdoors in our front yard which is surrounded by a chainlink
fence...Since I'm disabled, I sit on a lawn chair holding onto Miracle's leash...She can run in a circle around my chair as far as the tether will allow, but the only way she gets to really go anywhere, is if I take her... just as if I had bird whose wings have been clipped sitting on my finger...In this way, just like with a bird, it is I who creates interesting diversity in her life as well as keeping her in a safe controlled
situation...Ultimately, I become equated with that sense of safety....In training a parrot, one way to achieve that is to turn their cage upside down on the floor with them in it, and then rescue them from their disorientation by telling them, to "step up" on your hand which they gratefully do...Miracle was delighted when we walked all around the the yard and she sniffed and explored to her heart's content...She also, at one point, did her business
so now I have a "reference" point to return her to...
She seems to really relate to other a positive way...A neighborhood dog stops to playbow on the other side of the fence...I don't allow her to get too close to him, of course, but she's very interested and seems like she'd love to join him if she could... As she passes by the various bird cages in our house, she frequently stops a moment in her pacing when one of them says, "Hello"...I've decided to try to teach them to say, "Hello,
Miracle"...Won't that be fun?...She's sniffed and checked out the cats too, but they couldn't care less...At this point, they're so sensitized they probably think she's just a different breed of large white Cockatoo..."Oh, no!! Not another bird!!!"
Well, it is only 24 hours that she's been here with us, and I'm happy to report that Miracle is well and doing even better than I'd expected.....At the rate Miracle is going, I predict she'll be happy to accompany me to this Spring's Bichon Picnic at Lake Elizabeth Park here in Fremont...I'm sure looking forward to that...
Thank you so much, particularly Jackie and Robin and all of you who took the time to write nice stuff about me on this board as well as emailing me personally...No, I'm not Mother Theresa...I'm just a 60 year old woman who loves all beings, no matter how many legs or toes they happen to have...My dream is that this world should be a "peaceable kingdom" where nobody gets abused by anybody... and, if I want to see that happen...well I just need to star
with myself....
With every good wish for a happy holiday season and beyond....Naomi Demby and Miracle

Three of the babies, enjoying "outside" time, in the X-pen, at another
rescuer's home, where they stayed the night,in a nice warm bed, Sunday night.