Small Paws Rescue: 1 year old, Buddy
Buddy came into rescue, because his family did not have the time, to devote, to his housetraining. They were told, that their other dog, would train the Bichon to
"go outside".....well, we all know, that this requires lots of time and dedication..and many hours, to housetrain these precious Bichons!
They had tried everything,..even hiring a trainer. The problem was, that they were not home, enough, to work with him. Wanting the best for them, they turned him into rescue, and now he is available for adoption. I promised his owners, that he wouldn't be an only dog, because he REALLY likes to play with other dogs..I mean REALLY likes to play with other dogs!..He is one hoot! And..a snugglier lap boy you will never find. He of course will arrive to his new family, via Delta-Dash, and he will arrive neutered, with all shots, heartworm negative, and ready to enjoy.

Buddy has been adopted by a wonderful couple! They live in the Poconos Mountains, and own a small gift shop. They take their one year old Bichon, Mickey, with them EVERY day to work! Now, Buddy is a "shop dog" too, and he LOVES meeting and greeting the customers! They have him tethered to the front desk, so that he doesn't go out the door! He and Mickey cuddle and wrestle! Donna and Rob, have a close relationship with extended family, and I have already spoken with Buddy's new GRAMMA! They are all in love with this baby..who has won my heart! I have missed him every day, since he has been gone..but I KNOW he has the greatest home! AND, it is just four miles from the home of one of my dearest Internet buddies! Stacy, keeps me updated on an almost daily basis, about MY BUDDY!!.:)

Can you SEE why I fell in LOVE with him???!