Hey! Don't forget MEEEEEEE...

This little guy, was a victim of Puppy Mill Greed. He was rescued, when he was purchased, from a Puppy Mill Auction, by Small Paws® Rescue.

He turned four years old on October, 25, 1999. He was bi-latterally chryptorchid, (retained testicles, both sides), and has now been neutered.
He also had a complete dental exam, and cleaning, as well as having four diseased teeth pulled.
He does very well, with other dogs. We are searching for an adult home, or one with children over 14.

He really wags his tail, when attention is paid to him!

Here he is, sharing cuddles, with Gail, the lady who brought him back for us, from the awful auction.

He holds his paws, up to his ears, like he is saying,"I'm NOT gonna listen...LALALALALALALALAL!"

ALL of the other "Auction" dogs, have been adopted. This is the last one. He is longing for a "forever" home, with you.

If you would love to share your heart and your home, with this little sweetie-pie,please contact me at,

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