15 year old Rocky's Return to his Family!

You won't believe this story. Get ready to grab the kleenex for happy tears. This all started, when I went to a shelter to get a bichon out of there. There is news about that, at the bottom..but you HAVE got to read this first. If not for the Bichon, THIS would have never happened.This may be one of my happiest days in rescue. Here is what happened.
I was notified, of a one eyed bichon (Her eye had been sewn shut) in a local shelter

The AOL BIchon Brigade took a poll and decided to name her "Veronica"..after the actress in the forties, who wore her hair over one eye, Veronica Lake. Well, I got there today, and before they even loaded Veronica into my car, the shelter officer said, "Robin..PLEASE take this dog too.."...it was an older black lab..and it was dragging it's hind feet. It could not get up.
The officer said to me..."She has been hit by a car or something and they are going to put her down today..and she is SO sweet.."
Now, I know I must have the word "SUCKER" plastered on my forehead..so of course I took the lab. They hoisted her up into the back seat of my car...it was THEN that I saw it..I said, "I don't know about where YOU people come from, but where I come from...we call that a BOY doggie"...sure enough, I had a neutered male.
Well, we get to the vet's, and on the way I am thinking many things..things like..."This poor lab..has probably broken his back, and I just KNOW I am going to have to have him put down..but at least it will be with a needle and I will hold him..oh man"...On the way, I call my friend Hope, (Hope for the Animals)..and she says," Do NOT put this dog down..we will find a way.We will get it a cart..I will help you pay for it".
Well, we got to the vet's, and I go in the bathroom..and start to pray.."Please God..send someone for this lab..oh man.."
Well, Jennifer Williams, the vet, came in and asked.."How long has this dog has been this way"...I didn't know. She said, "Call the shelter and ask..it will help me with my diagnosis"..so..I called the shelter..and they were all happy...it seems that a lady had been calling every hour..asking if they had a MALE neutered black older lab..they kept saying they did not..(They thought this was a female )..They would never have KNOWN it was a male..unless they had hoisted it into my car, and I had pointed out the extra hardware. After I left with the dog, one of the oficers mentioned it to the front desk help that the dog was a MALE not a
FEMALE..and you guessed it..now we had a possible owner!
I called the possible owner and found myself talking to a hysterically grateful woman, who truly loved her dog. He had a collar and a ring where tags had been, but he must have lost them. Also..he had hip dysplaysia..and without his meds..he was dragging the ground..LOOKING like he had been hit by a car! It seems that on New Years Eve, the fireworks scared him and he unlatched the gate himself..and went for a little walk.
Within half an hour, of this call, the whole family came to Dr. McKinney's..and get this..this dog is 15 years old. They were heartbroken that he had gotten away, and were afraid he was off dying, alone and scared.
After we realized the owner was on the way, the vet put him in a hot whirlpool bath, and gave him something for the pain of his dysplaysia, all for NO charge! When the family got there..tears were everywhere! Rocky was with his forever family, who truly did love him. Their 14 year old daughter, had been born AFTER Rocky had come into the family,was on the floor in his face crying up a storm.
They stayed while he was blow dried, then were off to get a padlock and a tag with his name and address on it.
Now about Veronica..and THIS is another miracle..today was a DAY for Miracles..we got her out of the crate. She is definetly pure Bichon..BUT..her eye is NOT sewn shut..it was only MATTED shut!..I screamed.."GET a warm compress!!"..and Jennifer,the vet, nods for the tech to go do it..We soak her little eye..and the mat comes off.There IS an EYE under there. WE HAVE AN EYE!!! I am dancin around..and the vet says,"Hold on here..she may still be blind"..I say," Oh ye of little faith!.You get out
here if you believe that!." ( I said it teasingly, but I really was NOT teasing..lol..)
Well, after doing the test with the little flashlight..she announces that..Veronica can SEE..in BOTH eyes!! It was an ulcer caused by trauma to the head..(We think someone or something hit this poor baby.)The vet said, the mat actually acted like a bandage, and kept the cornea from being scratched.
Now, when I first saw this baby at the shelter..she was lying in a pool of her own urine..and very depressed. After we got her eye uncovered..and bathed her..she was up waggin' her tail and wanting to BLITZ I tell you!! SHe has NO emotional problems at ALL!! She is as much a happy baby as my Chipper!! And...she is only one year old!! She still has puppy teeth!!!!! She will be spayed tomorro. After we uncovered that eye..she just BLOSSOMED!!! Hey!! I think I will rename her "Blossom"!..She will not have to wear her hair over one eye after all,..she will be perfect. What a wonderful day. I thank God, he allows me to do this. Oh Man..what a great day!!! I am walking on AIR!!!

Rocky's family comes to claim him.There were many tears, all around!

Rocky's family happily waits for him to be blow-dried.

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