February 24, 2000

I drove over to Missouri, today, to meet our rescue friend, Gail. She had kept our little Puppy Mill Auction baby, that we got last Saturday. I also picked up five other puppy mill rescues. There are three Bichons and two Beesheypoos. .

Angel Gail, loading the rescues into the car.:)
Here they are.....they all have musical names, in honor of the Grammy Awards. :) Of course, these names are just for paperwork purposes, and may be changed.:) Without further ado, here are our newest Small Paws® Rescues!

Meet "Barker". Barker is our Auction rescue baby! He is three years old and will be four in October. He has an ADORABLE personality! But...put him in a crate..and he B A R K S!!! The ONLY way to get him to stop...is to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, and no, I'm not kidding.... OR let him out of the crate.:) Also..he is a climber and a digger. You will need one of those little Fido shockers, that you can get at the lumber yard, to keep him in the fence. Other than those two things..he will be a joy! The young man is one of the vet techs.:)

18 pound Barker gets examined by the vet. ((((Happy Birthhhhdayyy dearrr Barrkerrrrr...)))

Barker, after grooming, in the arms of Garth's new mom.:) Barker does NOT act like a mill dog. He is very HAPPY and LOVES to JUMP right in your lap! He loves a leash, and will raise up to be picked up! He LOVES all dogs and people! He needs to go to a home with at least one other dog...he loves dogs so much!

Barker was one thirsty baby, after having no water, before his surgery. Hey CULLAGEN man!
Barker has gone home on approval with a family...PRAY he has a new home!


Meet "Garth". Garth is 5 years old. He weighs 13.9 pounds. He is very sweet and has a good personality.

Garth is a snuggler.:)

Garth, in the arms of his new Dad. Garth went home tonight. :)
Garth has been renamed "Andy".:)

Santana is ADOPTED and goin' to Dallas!
Meet "Santana! He is sure to WIN many awards in your heart! Santana is 3 years old, and weighs 14 pounds. He is a little quiet, but will give you lots of love.

Santana after grooming.The groomer said he is a real sweetie.:)Santana flew to his new Dad today, and has been named "Dudley"!

Minuet is a living DOLL! She weighs only 9 pounds and is 4 years old. Minuet likes to cuddle.:)

Look at that little face! Minuet is sure to put a SONG into your heart!
(Everyone got groomed today, except Minuet. She will be groomed tomorro.)

Minuet, is going to her new Mom and Dad in Georgia, tomorro! Isn't she a doll? :)

Babs is one of the two Beeshey poos. She is 5 years old and weighs only 9.2 pounds. She enjoys walks on the beach, and smooth jazz.

Babs gets groomed. Ladies and gentlemen..I think we may have a Maltese here. The breeder said "Beesheypoo"...but I see Maltese....how about you?

"Reba" smiles for the camera. She is 5 years old and weighs only 7.7 pounds. She enjoys Country music and picnics by the lake.:)
Reba AND Babs are going to live together in Texas!!! They have BOTH been adopted!!!

Reba is groomed..Maltese? I think so. Sweet? Absolutely!

All of these kiddos will be cleaned up and groomed tomorro. They may be spayed and neutered, as soon as tomorro, also.
The males were all neutered today, Friday, Feb 25, 2000. The females will be spayed on Monday. They are all being groomed today as well. Film at Eleven.:)

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