Bedford 3/5/20
Bedford was adopted and will go to live with "Santana" now known as Dudley! I drove him part way, to his new Daddy, this morning, who lives in Dallas. Bedford could not have been flown..he was too afraid of noises.:)
1 Year Old Male

Bedford before his first bath.He weighs between 10-12 pounds. He is about 8 inches tall at the shoulders.

Bedford is a promised breath of Springtime, and adorable. Scared, but adorable. Boney, but adorable. He needs an adults only home, as noises, tend to scare him.:( He will be neutered tomorro.:)

Bedford in his crate.

Bedford (after grooming) and Spring. We are keeping him here at the house..because Spring cries without him. She requires to much care to be up at that cold ol'e vet's office. (g*)

See that Blue mark? He was neutered today.:) Look how he cuddles with Baby Spring. I think he may be her Daddy.......

Bedford likes living in a house. Does he want to live in YOUR house?:)

Bedford refects, a few minutes before we left to go to Oklahoma City. (The first leg of the run, to his new Dad.)

My Chipper (the tall), next to Bedford. I rescued Chipper from the mill, at 12 weeks old. He is now 2 years old, and stands about 18 inches tall at the shoulder, WAY too tall for the breed standard. (8-12 inches at the withers) It was also the thing that saved him from going to the brokers, and the pet shop. He is my baby boy.:)

Dudley (on right) and Bedford (left) meet, for the first time. NEW Brothers!!

Bedford checks out his new brother, Dudley. Looks like they are about to go off on a BLITZ!!!