Little Spring 3-5-2000
(Please, please pray)
Spring was adopted by a couple, who have adopted one of our
other special needs babies. Susan and I will drive part way to meet
them, this weekend.They are from the Denver area.

Dale holds little 10 week old "Spring", a 10 week old Puppy Mill rescue. She has some neurological damage, that causes her to stumble, and fall over, after walking just a few feet. She is absolutely adorable. She has the heart of an angel, and such determination. She has improved about 500% since we brought her home yesterday, from the mill. At first she would just flop and flail around. This morning she was actually running and hopping, but still falling to the left. I am so afraid that we may have to have her put down. I am praying someone will adopt her, that can take her to a vet school, for a complete neurological profile, which is what Dr. McKinney has recommended. I would be happy to take her to Oklahoma State University, but the cost would be between $250-$300 dollars, and after paying the last vet bill, our Small Paws account is empty. My heart is heavy as I write this, as she is so filled with love. She is so very happy. She does not know anything is wrong with her. She poopies and tinkles with no problem. Please pray for baby Spring, and for me to have the strengh, to do what is best for this precious, precious baby girl. She is staying with us,and not at the vet's, as she needs to be held for her feedings. Dale carries her around everywhere with him.

Dale feeds baby Spring.

Baby Spring gets her first bath.

Spring (in front) and Billy-Bob, a 12 week old male from the same Puppy Mill. He is perfect. He loves Spring, so.

Baby Spring takes a nap.:)

Dear Bichon Lovers, and friends of Bichon Lovers,
Spring, (Small Paws® Rescue : Baby Spring3/5/20 has an appointment at Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine, on Thursday at 10:45 A.M. Central Time.
Dr. McKinney did say yesterday, that if she was his, he would put her down. I know why he said this..because, at first glance.. she looks like she has severe neurological damage. I told him to just hide in the bushes and watch this group of Bichon lovers, (most of whom I have never met) pray for her, send money for her vet bill, and get her the help she needs. That's when he said, maybe we should go to the vet school for a complete neurlogical profile..but not to get our hopes up.
Well, early this morning, Dr. McKinney made the appoinment for her, and today..she is hopping and prancing. She FED herself this morning, and Dale couldn't wait to tell me.:) We are thinking this may be something called...."White Shaker Dog Syndrome". Westie Health Concerns - White Shaker Dog Syndrome
It is common in small white breeds. The good news is...there is a treatment..and sometimes after the treatment, it goes away! Now,the other good news is..that Jane...( our "Special Needs" foster mom, has told me that she will take Spring, if she is not adoptable. If I know the healing abilities of my friend Jane...Spring will be competing in Agility Training by Summertime.:)
If you could see the improvement she has made. We have video taped her running and we are trying to get it on a that you all can see. I also will be taking the tape with show them what our girl can do. In front of Dr. McKinney, yesterday..she just flopped and flailed around on the she did with me on Sunday. She looked so pathetic. When I asked him..what the prognosis would be..IF it was the thing he thought it was..(some long name with "distrophy" at the end..) ...he said the prognosis was fatal, becasue the Nervous system would deteriorate..IF that is what she has..well..I am just going to CLAIM it that that is NOT what she has. I think she may very well have White Shaker Dog Syndrome..yes..I'll pick that one! That one has treatment. Ok..Dr. Robin has diagnosed her. That's what she has and I am going to the vet school to get her the medicine she needs to get well. She will be well soon.:) And if you don't believe me...You just hide in the bushes and watch!:) Love,Robin

Dear Bichon Lovers and Friends of Bichon Lovers,
Here is our little Baby girl, "Spring" in action! LOOK how she has improved from a baby lying and flopping on the ground, with no motor skills, to this precious bouncing wind up toy! In this video, she is chasing Bedford..(the one year old rescue that came with her). Here is the Link
Now, you have to have Real Player on your computer. Some computers have it already. If you do NOT have is the free download info. RealPlayer 7 Basic Download Form
After you click the the Link above, the video will download on your computer and then automatically open and play with Real Player.
I wanted you to see her RUN..yes she still falls over some....but not like she WAS! This is a MAJOR improvement!!! Love,Robin

Here is the diagnosis from OSU.

Spring in her sun beam.:)

"Sniff,sniff, is you a BOY Bu-monkey, or a GIRL Bu-monkey?"