Spunky Monkey Comes Home to Live With Us

Spunky rests in Dale's lap.

Spunky, is a one year old Bichon, who was abandoned by his owner, with a neighbor for three months, because he was getting married, and the new wife, didn't like for dogs.:(
Spunky was taken to a kill shelter, where one of our rescue friends intervined. We tried placing him with a wonderful family, who has 2 other Bichons. I guess he really bonded with us, during the week he was fostered here. He cried at this new home. He marked everything in site, at every chance, which is something he did not do when he was here. His new Mom, Joy, loved him so very much, that she wanted him to be happy, and felt he was pining away for us. She drove over 7 hours, to deliver him back to Dale and I. We both met in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are the pictures of his reunion with us. I guess little Spunky Monkey is destined to be ours.:)

Spunky sticks next to Dale, who holds our boy, Chipper, on his lap. (No you are not seeing things..Chipper is VERY tall.:)

Dale holds Spunky, while Casey, a Bichon Havanese puppy, (being puppysat this weekend by Joy), looks on.

Spunky relaxes beside his new big bro, The Chip Meister. Joy's baby, Alex, looks on.

Spunky in his favorite place, again.:)

My new dear friend, Joy, holds one of her Bichons, Sidney. I want to thank Joy, and her husband, for trying so hard with Spunky, and for driving so far, to bring him back home. She also transported Daisy and Daffodil, to Memphis, to meet THEIR new Moma! What a trooper!

Spunky loved it when we got to our house. It was like he had never even left.:)

Spunky kills the white teddy bear.

Spunky moves on, to the stuffed gingerbread man. Look out..he is on a roll...

The stuffed gingerbread man fights back.

The Spunkman, and his Dad.:)

Spunky has now been here almost three weeks..I think he likes it.:)

Spunky after his first grooming...

Spunky and his brothers, Chipper, Mozart, and Bear, after returning from grooming!

Chipper, Spunky Monkey, and Bear, take a nap.

Feb 28, 2001

We just love our baby Spunky Monkey..and he loves us back.:)

Spunky Monkey's Song
(We sing this to him several times a day and he always comes running!)

I'm Spunky the Monkey man

I'm Spunky the Monkey Man

I'm Spunky the Monkey, I'm Spunky the Monkey

I'm Spunky the Monkey Mannnnnn!