ADOPTED, (By Us)!!!!!
(Editors Note..10/22/00...I never dreamed I could love this baby, like I do. We gave him a home..because he chose us...I never dreamed..he would own so much of my heart. He truly is my baby Spunky Monkey.)
Small Paws® Rescue:Spunky Comes Home
Spunky Monkey gets WELCOME Presents!

Spunky is 1 year old. My heart is breaking, and so is his. His Dad didn't want him anymore, because
he was getting married. He will stay right here for a while..while we heal his heart. He is asleep in Dale's lap. Can you see the HEARTBREAK in his eyes? I am typing with one hand..while I hold him.

How could someone do this to this sweet baby boy? I took him outside, and he will not leave my side...he just raises up and begs me to pick him up. This hurts me, even more than the mill dogs..at least they have never known love..this baby has known it and lost it. Oh man.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a smiiiiile!! (and his eyes are trying to smile.:)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have WRESTLING, with Mozart!

We have a BLITZING with the Chip Meister, and a TAIL that is UP and WAGGING!

Spunky, Mozart, and Chip wrestle.:)