April 19, 2000

Meet Miss Bunny, (on left), and "Petey" Cottontail!, on the right!

Adopted! Bunny is now "Tulsa", and lives in New Hampshire! Petey is now "Mr. Darcy", and lives with a family in Clinton, Ms.!

Miss Bunny was born 11/99, (she is five months old) and Petey was born 12/99.( He is four months old). They were advertised in a Misourri newspaper, for sale. (Right in the middle of Puppy Mill country! AACK!! ) One of our volunteers, saw it, and called us, immediately!
The little girl, "Bunny", is extra small. She would have been a "find" for a Puppy Miller! They love to try to downsize the Bichons.:(
These two, have been removed from the cycle, of breeding for profit, for ever! (Thanks to your generous donations!) Miss Bunny was already shaved down, but her fur will grow out! :) Of course, these names are for paperwork purposes only! The adoptive home may rename either of these babies!