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Meet "Regis".....4/14/00


Regis will bring a wealth of love to you! He yearns for someone to love. And, yes, that's his final answer.:)

"Regis" is a 2 year old male Puppy Mill "cull". He is not well, but he will be soon! He weighs only 8.4 pounds and is VERY skinny. His little back bone protrudes. He has no fur at all, on his little ears, and he has some "crusties" on his tiny body. The vet thinks it may be a fungal infection. His little lymph nodes are both swollen from infection. He has some of the prettiest halos (the dark area around the eyes), that I have ever seen. He is very sweet..but he doesn't feel good yet. We will know more after the blood test come back.

"And you wouldn't BELIEVE what they did to me NEXT..."
(Regis gets his temperature taken)

He is one skinny little baby boy....he got a whole can of Canine Growth Canned food..he just looks starved, poor baby. He is the skinniest rescue we have ever gotten. I think he may have a crush on you.......:)

If you want to be richly blessed, you would
A. Read a book
B.Sing a song
C.Watch a Movie
("D" is the correct answer..trust me on this one....)

Regis doesn't know the answer to .."What is your new address going to be?"..He has decided to use a lifeline and ASK THE AUDIENCE.......Can you help him???:)

Regis is doing much better! He tested Negative for mange and a fungal infection. The vet thinks he lost his ear fur, due to malnutrition. Well, he is eating like a little piggy now! He was neutered today, and will go to his new home in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Saturday..he will have two sisters, Daphne, and Demi!